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Cycle (or Spin) Class is one of the several classes offered at my gym. If it weren’t for a friend I would not have tried it. I remember several years ago at a corporate annual meeting one of the optional events was a very early spin class each day. I had no idea what it was and when I found out I really didn’t get it. Well I get it now. It’s in the same family of why I use a trainer. Spin requires no thinking or planning…all you have to do is show up and do what the instructor tells you to do. A couple of times during class (when I had my wits about me and could check) I found my heart rate fluctuating between 110 and 124. I’m sure it was higher at other times but I was not able to check it during the more challenging parts of the class.

Okay, okay, what is cycle/spin class? You “spin” on a stationary bike (not like the ones you relax on in the cardio area while you read or watch tv, it’s like a real bike), there is music and you follow the directions of the instructor. He or she will have you change the resistance of your bike throughout the class. Depending on the amount of resistance the ride will feel like going up hill or riding on a flat surface. You will also spin both sitting and out of your seat. Don’t underestimate how challenging this class can be…if you follow the instructions (meaning no cheating) you will get a good cardio workout – better than on your own.

I just bought spin shoes and used them for the first time tonight. It definitely improved the experience although I still need to work out some kinks with the cleats. I did not attach them tight enough to the shoes. We’ll see how it goes Thursday night.

A couple of suggestions and warnings. When the instructor asks at the beginning of class if there’s anyone in class that is new to cycling RAISE YOUR HAND! The instructor will come by and make sure your seat and handle bars are at the right height. If you have a friend that has experience spinning go with them to class. Be ready for your seat (butt) to hurt, it’s unavoidable! After the first class it gets better. One way to minimize the after effects is to sit further back on the seat. But I guarantee you will be a bit surprised by the new sensations you have down there the next morning and then you’ll think… oh yeah spin class.

I’ve been spinning 3-4 times per week the last several weeks (I started spinning a couple of months ago) and I love it! Well I hate it (sometimes) but I always feel great after surviving it. If you have bad knees spin may not be for you. If you feel like your workouts need a boost spin just might be the solution. One last suggestion get there early to make sure you get a bike. Classes fill up quick at the busier gyms due to all the people attempting to follow through with their new years resolutions. It should get better in a couple of weeks. Until tomorrow! Kathi

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