food, food, food

Food, food, food…what do I eat? Well let me cover the staples that I keep on hand. I will be providing a more detailed food log on a daily basis in the future. For now I’ll offer a list of items that I can’t live without.

  • Organic fat-free milk – I was originally using soy milk but I switched to organic
  • Frozen fruit – blueberries, mixed berries and pineapple
  • Muscle Milk protein powder
  • Pure WPI protein powder
  • Cottage Cheese (fat-free) – it has in some ways replaced ice cream
  • Eggs – for the whites. I do eat a yolk now and then.
  • Chicken – breasts and whole chicken
  • Edamame – so easy to prepare and high in protein too
  • Veggies both fresh and frozen
  • Wheat bread
  • Krusteaz – wheat & honey pancake mix
  • Syrup (sugar free)
  • Yogurt (low fat)
  • Granola – Bare Naked it’s high in protein
  • Protein bars – but I’m getting ready to transition from them
  • Myoplex or EAS prepared protein drinks

My basic daily food intake is pretty similar from day-to-day. I make a protein shake almost every morning using organic fat-free milk, both the muscle milk and the Pure WPI protein powders (I use half servings of both), ice and frozen fruit. I sometimes add a banana to mix things up. I have both vanilla and chocolate protein powders.

After the gym I typically stop at Starbucks for a triple iced espresso that I add a little bit of non-fat milk and a splenda to (low fat and cheaper than other drinks) and a breakfast sandwich. They offer a couple of sandwiches with 10 or less grams of fat and a good balance of carbs and protein.

Then there’s the afternoon snack it could be a cottage cheese or yogurt parfait that I make, or egg whites with a banana or a myoplex drink if I’m in a hurry. On days I’m meeting with the trainer I make every effort to include a complex carb in the snack.

Okay dinner…I used to eat a lean cuisine for dinner every night…BUT my new trainer (at the time and still my trainer today) when reviewing my food logs told me NO MORE lean cuisines. Why you ask? Too many carbs and way too much sodium. Of course I asked him what I supposed to eat and he told me I would have to cook. Ha! Me cook – funny. He recommended that I cook a couple of times a week and reheat the already prepared items for dinner. So that’s what I did and still do.

Mostly I eat chicken but lately (since I have more time on my hands) I’ve been experimenting with seafood too. The benefit of cooking your own food is that you know what you are eating. I do occasionally buy a whole (and still warm) roasted chicken and I’m always searching for good quality (with good nutrition) flash frozen chicken and fish. The problem with the prepared chickens is I’m sure that they are extremely high in sodium but they are also very convenient when I’m out of dinner options at home. That’s it for tonight! Until tomorrow…Kathi