yoga really?

Yoga Really?…Yeah, I like yoga. My first time taking yoga was several years ago when someone introduced me to hot yoga (also know as Bikram). The first time I attended class I had to leave the room to avoid fainting. That’s because the room temperature is about 100 degrees. Strangely I really liked it. Nothing like sweating your butt off in a room that is 100 degrees and slightly humid. I would literally leave the class soaked to the bone. I’d have to change clothes or sit on a towel for the ride home.

The yoga classes I take at the gym are not hot/Bikram yoga. I like to take yoga once or twice a week – it’s a great change of pace from spin and/or cardio and a pretty good workout. There are many challenging poses that incorporate body weight and balancing. Plus yoga is all about connecting the mind and body (well all workouts really are, in yoga you get to focus on it a little bit more which I believe helps during other workouts).

So one thing you’ll need for yoga is comfortable tight-fitting clothes. Why tight-fitting? So your shirt doesn’t fall and show all your goodies when you are in the downward dog position. For the first class (assuming you are taking a class at the gym) you can use the mats provided by the gym, but if you decide that you like yoga you really should buy a yoga mat. They are better for balancing (due to a lot less cushion) and less slippery.

I also recommend bringing water and a towel. If you run cold, you may want to bring a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt for the end of class. You don’t wear shoes during class so flip-flops are fine. But I like to stretch before class and I like the option to hit the cardio machines after, so I usually where my running shoes.

Well that’s all I’ve got on yoga for now. Wow, writing about yoga didn’t offer much opportunity for humor…hmmm. Maybe my funny bone is not working tonight. Have a great weekend. Kathi