then and now – picture

then and now – picture


That was then…this is now…okay I know, I know. So what. Forget the numbers what does losing 37 pounds and building muscle look like? You be the judge. Do you think my 1004 days in battle have been worth it? (Well since that pic was taken in December it was more like 924 days in battle.)

I don’t know very many people who love having their picture taken, but I gotta say I really don’t mind having my picture taken any more. Don’t get me wrong I don’t love having my picture taken but I’m not going to hide from a camera either.

Yes I still have that NYE skirt. I paid over a hundred and fifty dollars for that skirt so I couldn’t bear to get rid of it. I’ve had a couple of skirts taken in (when I was at a size 10) and it didn’t work out well, they ended up looking frumpy. And yes, all that weight loss meant I had to get all new clothes. I gave everything away to charities (and some of my nicer stuff that I could not bring myself to give away I gave to friends later on) and bought new clothes over time and then more new clothes as some of the old-new clothes no longer fit. Thank goodness I enjoy shopping at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Ross.

As I mentioned on my first blog I went from a size 12 & 14 to a 4, 6 & 8. Size 4 is a new addition to my size range since I recently bought a pair of size 4 jeans…that was very exciting!!! So what am I going to do with that NYE skirt? Not sure yet, maybe I’ll try a consignment store so I can at least get a little cash for it or maybe I’ll keep it as a reminder of how far I’ve come. In the past I held on to clothes for a really long time – I was a bit of a clothes pack rat. It’s nice to only have clothes that fit and I actually wear. I realize that most women have no idea what’s that is like…since it’s in our nature to buy, buy, buy clothes. My main clothes obsession these days are fitness clothes, but since I’m on a sabbatical I’m doing everything I can to withstand the temptation mainly by staying out of TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

I hope you enjoy the pics! Let me know what you think. Until tomorrow ~ Kathi