i ate my words – never say never

i ate my words – never say never

I ate my words – never say never…this blog is for my sister Susan, it’s her Birthday today and she recommended this topic and title. And if you’ve figured it out already, yes like most people I’ve said I would never do something (or several things) just a few times in life. So I’m going to out myself today and admit that I’ve eaten my words.

Here we go:

  • There was a time when I said that I would never color my hair. I don’t recall saying this, but Susan remembers me saying this and apparently it had a lasting impression on her. Yes in my picture I’m blonde but I’m really a brunette (well with some gray mixed in). I’m enjoying being blonde. As a matter of fact I’m going to stick with the blonde for a while.
  • I also said that I would never blog and well here I am. Unlike the hair color comment, this was a much more recent declaration. My other sister, Teresa, reminded me of this since I had made a funny comment on her blog a while back.
  • Another never…I’d never be one of those people who spend all their spare time at the gym. Now that was when I viewed fitness not as fitness but as societies’ pressure and/or obsession with woman having to be ultra thin, like the models in magazines. My motivation to get to the gym was different (apparently like a lot of people) although I do not mind the results. Don’t worry I’m not sending my portfolio to Cosmo.
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve said I would never move back to Vegas too and here I am back in Vegas.

Who knows how many other times I’ve said I would never do something? Hopefully I will never have to man up and face the full list of times I’ve eaten my words.

What lesson have I taken from this? First I should really avoid saying never again. More importantly I believe changing our views on things as we “grow up” demonstrates that we have grown up. If I still had the same beliefs today that I had when I was in my 20’s, 30’s, etc. I would not have evolved to the person I am today. Life teaches you little lessons that when you are not paying attention change the way you view the world…this is a good thing.

Friends I realize that you’ve probably thought of something else that I have said I would never do. If you can’t help yourself feel free to go ahead and post a comment on the blog and I’ll go eat some more of my words. Until tomorrow ~ Kathi

2 thoughts on “i ate my words – never say never

  1. Susan

    Wow…. excellent! Certainly you know I am proud you have bared your soul, come clean and hopefully now realize you have always had a lasting effect on me.

    * You chose good before and after pics!

    Keep up the positive blogging.
    Love Ya,