happy hour – going out

happy hour – going out

Happy Hour and going out on weekends…is, to say the least, a challenge. Add in an extra special day for celebration (Super Bowl) and it’s a conundrum. My smartest decision was to say home on Friday night, but when you combine UFC on Saturday night and Super Bowl on Sunday these are big hurdles to get over. Honestly I’m pretty much writing off Super Bowl Sunday. Sometimes you gotta just let you hair down, have a little fun, and start fresh the next day. Now with that said it is essential that you don’t let a quick detour from your journey knock you completely off your path. The great thing about awakening each morning is the fresh start that it gives you.

I did do a few things to minimize the damage on both Saturday and “Super Bowl” Sunday. Saturday I made sure my nutrition was flawless. I went to a friend’s to watch the UFC fight, so I ate dinner before I went out. I volunteered to bring some food, so I brought a shrimp tray (high protein, low-fat and the only carbs were in the cocktail sauce). When the pizza arrived I was able to pass since I had a good dinner at home and I snacked on the shrimp while everyone else ate pizza.

Let’s talk cocktails. My first personal trainer was a big fan of Bacardi with diet coke cause it has no carbs, but I drank WAY too much rum in college so me and rum do not get along any more. So I switched it up and I drink vodka with club soda. Recently I discovered flavored vodkas which makes it even more tasty. I only drink club or diet soda as a mixer most of the time.

I’m sure you are wondering if I bothered to do anything to minimize the damage on Super Bowl Sunday and the answer is yes. Since the Saints were playing we had a couple of dishes from the region. I made Jambalaya. I found a healthy low-fat recipe online. Here’s the recipe: Delish Jambalaya (Healthy Low-Fat) Recipe. It was an ambitious cooking project for me, but it was AWESOME! So what made the Jambalaya healthy and low-fat?  Brown rice instead of white, chicken instead of sausage, a leaner ham and bulking up on veggies. My mom even asked for the recipe.

We had a couple of other healthy dishes and yes we had some very very bad options too…chocolate, lot’s of chocolate (one of my biggest weaknesses). If it’s available (and add in some cocktails) I have a hard time avoiding chocolate…so yes I did eat a half piece of yummy chocolate cake and a couple of chocolate chip cookies, among other sweets lying around on Sunday. One friend also made some dream bars – yummy but as far from healthy as you can get, well accept for the pecans. The best thing I could do was make sure the chocolate (and other deserts) left the premises with my friends. Sorry friends…I realize having you take the desserts home is like giving you a loaded gun, but I have NO willpower when it comes to chocolate so it could not stay in my house.

So bottom line…it’s okay to be a little bad once in a while (NOT every weekend). Eat before you go to a party so you aren’t hungry when the carbfest begins. Find a low-carb cocktail that you stick with when you go out – there’s no need to add carbs to cocktails if you can avoid them. If you have any control over food for a party, find healthy low-fat options (the internet is an amazing thing). If you are bringing food to a party, bring something low-fat, low carbs and high in protein. If you host the party make sure all the food you are tempted by that is not on your nutritional plan goes home with your guests. ALWAYS remember that tomorrow is a new day. Don’t let a one-day detour from your journey become a several day bender. You are in control! Start fresh every morning, I did this morning! That’s it for tonight. Until tomorrow…Kathi