bodybugg and calorie deficit

bodybugg and calorie deficit

The BodyBugg was one of the first tools that I used in my fitbattle. I purchased it at the gym I was going to at the time. I’m pretty sure my BodyBugg purchase pre-dated them appearing on the Biggest Loser. I wore the BodgyBugg about 18 months. I had the older clunkier version (the new model is much smaller and sleeker). I wore it during all waking hours…yes to work, to the gym, around the house, and even at happy hour. It came with a puck that attached to my computer and enabled me to wirelessly update from the BodyBugg to the internet.

What data was uploaded when I did the wireless update? My calories burned, steps, and physical activity. I also log all of my food by meal period. This information combined provided me with a calorie balance enabling me to monitor the calories I burned in comparison to the calories I consumed. Let me say this another way…the BodyBugg gave me CONTROL! Now I like being in control so I embraced this technology. One other cool benefit was that my trainer also had access to my BodyBugg account so he would review my food logs and give me suggestions to improve my nutrition – cool stuff!

Wearing the BodyBugg did take commitment. The BodyBugg was hard to miss. It was bulky so it was easily detected under clothes and being in the Vegas heat there was a great deal of time that it was completely visible. Curious people who could not help themselves would ask what it was. Some people thought it was a medical device for something serious, like diabetes. Yes a couple of people asked me if I had diabetes.

Knowing how many calories I burned and consumed was what made the BodyBugg so valuable during the first 18 months of my fitbattle. Logging food took time and commitment even with technology. It was worth it…there was nothing more convincing at the end of each day than knowing my calorie balance to get me to the gym after work.

Calorie Deficit…back to the calories. 3500 calories equal one pound. So in theory for every 3500 calorie deficit a pound is lost. Therefore if you maintain a daily deficit of 500 calories for 7 days you’ll lose one pound in one week. Let’s reverse this. If you eat more calories than you burn, let’s say 250 calories more than you burn every day for two weeks you’ll gain a pound in two weeks. Of course there are many other factors in the fitbattle, but this is a basic concept that gets you started on your journey.

Being fit means losing fat and/or maintaining a healthy weight. I’m sure you’ve already made the connection…but let me say it anyways…if your weight has remained consistent over an extended period and you start a workout routine and do not add calories to your diet you will have a calorie deficit which will result in weight loss. If you are not losing weight common sense says you do not have a calorie deficit so you need to get moving and take a very close look at the calories you are consuming.

Some other suggestions: break up with Ben & Jerry, eat a high protein breakfast, minimize the carbs, no more candy bars and cans of soda for lunch, eat 5 meals a day and LOG YOUR FOOD!!! Oh I know – I know! You are busy, you don’t have time to eat breakfast, you have a stressful job, blah, blah, blah…  You cannot give me an excuse that I have not used. Bottom line…if you are really committed to saving your life, yes this could save your life, then you will do what it takes. If you are not committed you should pick up that Cosmo (or GQ) and get pissed off at all the thin models in the magazine or watch late night tv while finishing off that ice cream in your freezer.

So…are you committed? Do you like the idea of technology as a solution to help you keep track of your calories (in and out)? If you answered yes to both questions you may want to seriously consider the BodyBugg. It will empower you to make better choices and put you in control.  Well that’s what it did for me. You may also want to checkout the FitBit. I haven’t used it but it appears to be a similar solution and a good alternative to the BodyBugg.

Until tomorrow…Kathi

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