ALL IN – 3 personal training sessions per week

ALL IN – 3 personal training sessions per week

All IN…If you’ve paid close attention to my workout schedule, you’ve noticed that I workout with Chris (my personal trainer) two times per week: Tuesday and Friday nights. I take the spin class on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, use various cardio machines on weekday mornings, take a yoga class on Saturday and I take Sunday off. A couple of weeks ago Chris offered me a third session for the next 4 to 6 weeks due to a temporary opening he has available. I initially hesitated picking up the third night. I’m not sure why, but when I got home that night and started working on my blog and I thought: “what’s my problem? am I committed or not? this is a great short-term opportunity to get even greater results out of my strength training.” I immediately sent Chris a text saying I was ALL IN.

With the two sessions per week we were doing upper body on Tuesday night and lower body (legs) on Friday night. Now we are going to split the upper body, something Chris calls a Push/Pull Split, on Tuesday and Friday and do legs on Wednesday night. Anyways…this was the first week of the extra session. Last night (Tuesday) we did the Push (triceps, shoulders and chest)…and tonight was legs.

Girls I know what you are thinking (especially if you bothered to click on the link to Chris’s site…WOW the guy pictured in the article has really big muscles…vavavoom) and NO I’m not going to end up looking like a body builder. There’s this little hormone responsible for increasing muscle size called testosterone and us girls cannot and do not naturally produce enough to create large muscles like the guy in the picture. I do want to build muscle, stronger muscles! Why? I prefer the way I look and feel today vs. before starting my FitBattle. Do you know that the more muscle you have the more calories you burn? So for those of you whom are focused on being thinner, skinny, or whatever and to do so your workouts consist of cardio, cardio, and more cardio…by not building muscle you are minimizing the calories you burn (both when you are resting and during workouts). Why? Because muscle is more metabolically active than fat. Hmm, something to think about huh? Want to learn more about your metabolism and how to burn more calories check out this article published by the MayoClinic: Metabolism and weight loss

So guys I know you like the idea of lifting heavy stuff – keep it up! Girls don’t be afraid to include strength training in your workouts. Another side benefit…if you are single…there are a lot more guys in the advanced training area of the gym (well at least the ratio of men to women is much more in your favor). Although I don’t really think you should focus on meeting your next date at the gym, girls your chances improve if there are more men than women. Guys, I don’t have any advice for you on how to meet girls at the gym – sorry.

Until tomorrow…Kathi

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  1. Robin Maes

    Kathi…you are too funny. I love your blow by blow of the gym and cannot believe or really I can believe how serious you are about your fitness journey. Go Girl. It is funny when I look at your photo on our trip to Vegas for NYE and see you now and then see me now boy how life changes and luck favours the brave. I’ll check in next week for more updates. So you finally got your sabbatical…so pleased for you. Take care xo Robin