Is working out at the top of your priority list? Eliminate one excuse

Is working out at the top of your priority list? Eliminate one excuse

Be ready & eliminate one excuse!

What excuse? I’m not ready for my workout. How do you make sure you are ready? A gym bag in the car with everything you need for a workout AT ALL TIMES!

Every morning before work (or the night before) I prepare my gym bag with all the essentials for a trip to the gym. This enables me to go directly to the gym from work or my appointments. A stop at home would likely derail my best intention to go to the gym.

What time of day do you prefer to workout? In the evening, after work? In the morning, before work? If after work my system of having a gym bag in your car at all times will work for you (assuming you are committed and being ready is one of your hurdles). bodyIf it’s your goal to make it to the gym in the morning then we need to make a few adjustments. I go the gym a couple of times during the week in the morning. Morning workouts require more preparation. But if you are truly committed to winning the fitbattle it’s worth the effort. Simply duplicate all of your essential toiletries (girls that means makeup too) and keep them in your gym bag. Travel size is sufficient and for makeup I use near empties, samples, or a lessor quality brand.

It’s up to you what is essential and what you can live without. For example my gym provides liquid soap in the showers so I don’t bring soap (in a pinch I’ve used the body wash as shampoo). The gym provides hand dryers mounted high enough so I can use them to dry my hair. It works for me, but it may not work for you. I realize that this may seem like a lot to duplicate, but it’s a heck of a lot easier than packing up your stuff every morning, unpacking in the evening, and repacking, it again and again.

I suggest you also prepare your work and gym outfits the night before so all you have to do is wake up, have breakfast, throw your gym clothes on, grab your gym bag and work clothes, and head out the door. (Not necessarily in that order.)

It all comes down to your level of commitment. Readiness and/or the level of effort required for a workout is one excuse… there are many more excuses that keep us from working out.

You may have noticed that I refer to my “fitbattle”, it’s the name of my blog and my DBA. Who am I battling in my fitbattle? You guessed it… my fitbattle is with ME. It’s a personal struggle to make the best choices, choices that result in me winning the fitbattle.

At every meal I make a choice. I choose whether or not to workout. I make a choice of the level of effort I’m going to give when I’m working out. I choose how often I’m going to workout. I choose how many cocktails I’m going to have when I’m out with my friends. And I choose to wipe the slate clean every morning and have a fresh start in my fitbattle.

Yes, most days, I am my worst enemy. The good news is that I am winning the fitbattle more often than not.

You can too! Be prepared for your workouts in advance to ensure you get your workout done. Take it one day and one choice at a time.

If one of your new year’s goals is to improve your health and wellness in 2016…

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