happy birthday to ME!

happy birthday to ME!

Happy Birthday to ME!!! On Monday night, Corey, the spin instructor came to class ready to celebrate Valentines Day and his birthday which was 2 days earlier. He had on bright red shorts and a white t-shirt with red lettering, both for V-day. He sported an afro (for about 2 minutes) since he was born in the 70’s. He quickly switched to a headband which is better suited for spin class and still 70’s esque. Corey always makes sure we focus on why we are in class. This particular Monday night (since he was celebrating his birthday) his approach was to have us think about the year of our life when we were in our best physical shape. That was easy for me…it was last year! And when this year is over it will be 2010.

Yes…today is my birthday. I’ve had a great day! The first person who said “Happy Birthday” to me was the guy who checked me in at LVAC (the gym) this morning. I was surprised he noticed. But when I returned to the gym for my workout with Chris this evening my suspicions were confirmed, their software must flash a note “hey! it’s her birthday!” But I don’t care that he had help noticing…the first birthday wish coming from the LVAC greeter is appropriate considering I go to the gym 2 times a day Monday through Friday.

I’m sure you are thinking…”so what it’s your birthday we all have them, do you really need to spend an entire blog entry giving homage to your own birthday?” YES I DO!!! Today I am 48 years old – there…I said it! 48!!! I cannot believe it, but I double checked all of my official forms of ID and they all confirm that I was born in 1962 – yikes! But you know what? I feel better now than I did when I was 38 and I guarantee I look a LOT better now too. As a matter of fact, I’m sure I’m in better shape than I was when I was 28, living in NJ going to happy hour 4 times per week, drinking Heinekens, upside-down margaritas and topping it all off with loaded nachos. Believe me there was no time for the gym back then, I was having too much fun to take care of myself.

So why is this important? Because whether you are my age, younger, or much younger than I am, if you are not taking care of yourself you need to get to it – NOW! The reason I want to take a moment to recognize what I’ve accomplished in the last 3 years is because it’s much harder to do in your mid (yeah, yeah…late) 40’s than in your 30’s, 20’s or teens. At the same time it’s probably much more rewarding too. Don’t put off making YOU a priority another day! Make 2010 your best year ever.

What did I do today on my birthday after leaving the gym? (Ah yes, back to where I started…my day, my birthday!) I had lunch with my dad and sister, attended Ash Wednesday Mass and then went shopping for bathing suits (cause I’m going on vacation to Cancun). Obvious question…bikini or one-piece? BIKINI!!! Yes for the first time in a REALLY long time I’m going to wear a bikini (well a two piece – no strings). As I stood in front of the mirror trying on 2-piece bathing suits on my 48th birthday I was happy. Did you hear that girls? It’s the first time that I can remember enjoying trying on bathing suits. I owe that feeling to my 1018 days in the fitbattle! Today I feel like I’m winning the fitbattle and it’s a great birthday present to myself.

The rest of my day…well it’s been great! I’m really happy to share my birthday blog with the world. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I also hope it inspires you to make this your best year too! Until tomorrow…Kathi