i like going it alone at the gym…

i like going it alone at the gym…

Why I like going it alone at the gym, except for classes (well and my sessions with Chris, of course)…I heart gym, I must since I go twice a day. Well the twofers are also one of the benefits of being on a sabbatical and the result of Chris suggesting I use some of the extra time I’ve been given to accelerate my results. My training sessions with Chris are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights. On Monday and Thursday I spin, spin, spin. And if all goes well one of my friends, Mia – who introduced me to spinning, comes to class too. That leaves Monday through Friday mornings and the weekend. Saturday I typically take the yoga class with some friends and Sunday is my day off (unless of course I get motivated and do some cardio). The rest of the days (mornings) are all about me and cardio.

Working out provides a host of health benefits that I’m not going to talk about today. I’ve discovered a significant emotional/mental benefit. If I give my full effort during a workout…it doesn’t matter if it’s cardio, a training session, or a class my slate is wiped clean. This was extra-specially beneficial when I had a job. I would go to the gym after work and at the end of my workout all the stresses of my day were gone…just like that. The mind-body connection that is required when working out is like a giant eraser – amazing. When I give 100% effort during a workout it takes my complete focus…so everything else gets pushed out of my mind so I can climb that hill in spin class or run that extra 4 minutes on the treadmill or finish the last 10 minutes on the stairmaster or complete the last set of stationary lunges while holding two 35 lb. dumb bells. There is no room for anything else so it gets purged, erased.

This is why I like my morning cardio workouts with me, myself and I. I blast my music on my mp3 player and push through till the end starting the day off with a clean slate. This time that I have (the sabbatical) is a great gift. I know I’ll eventually have to rejoin reality and end the sabbatical but for now I cannot get enough of the gym. Since my morning workouts are my solo time at the gym, I don’t have to worry about rushing to get there in the morning. I simply get there when I get there. I typically do not have a plan when I arrive so I stretch and then hop on the treadmill. Once I’m warmed up and awake I figure out what’s next, really just depending on how I feel that morning. I like the flexibility. If I feel like running I stay right where I am, on the treadmill. If not, then I head for one of the stairmasters, or both. If I want to stay a little longer, I can and do. No one else relying on me for motivation, conversation or whatever…just me, my music and my whim of what cardio to do.

Spending time with yourself is a great gift to give to you and the Gym is a great place to be by yourself (although you will most likely be in a crowd, which is why the music is key). I did do a little surfing and found an article providing five reasons to workout alone, click here to read the article. I found another article that poses the question: Do you spend enough time alone? Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to take time out for yourself. Want to read it? Click here.

So if you are one of those people who don’t go to the gym because you do not want to go alone…trust me, try it you might just love it! After all you deserve it. Until tomorrow…Kathi