vacation preparation

vacation preparation

Vacation preparation…I’m headed on a beach vacation – yay! Going to Cancun for some sun and fun. I am really excited for a long overdue vacation. I know…I’m on a sabbatical, isn’t that a vacation? I’m talking about a week on the beach – that’s a vacation! But yes I’ve been on “vacation” for a little while now.

So I said I’m excited, but I’m also a little nervous. I do not want to blow all the progress I’ve made to date on my fitbattle. Todays’ Morning Naked Weight was an all-time low. My last all-time low 137.6, so getting on the scale this morning and seeing a new all-time low of 137 was very exciting! I do not want to lose a lot of ground while I’m on vacation.

How am I preparing for a vacation where I will lose control of the food preparation, I may not be able to log my food on the BodyBugg website, and the cocktails will be flowing morning, noon, and night. Oh…did I mention we are going to an all-inclusive resort? Yep, the alcohol is free, well kind of.

Part of the fitbattle is preparing for a the unknown. Vacation is one of the most challenging opportunities for anyone. I’m taking some essentials with me in the event I need to fill a gap in my nutrition. I use two different protein powders in my morning protein shake: Muscle Milk Light and Pure WPI. The Pure WPI is much lighter and mixes easily with milk if there’s no blender available. So I will be taking several servings of the Pure WPI protein powder premeasured in snack sized zip lock bags. I’m also taking protein bars with me. I normally do not eat protein bars (any more) due to the fat content, however on the vacation it’s very possible that a protein bar might the best option in a pinch.

I’ve also packed 7 days of vitamins. Based on my experience I believe the days you are traveling to and from your destination are the most difficult for nutrition. To head this off I’m going to make sure I get up early and get a couple of small meals in before we head to the airport.

The next important part of the prep is packing clothes for the gym. The resort we are staying at has a gym, which was one of my requirements. It’s my goal to use the gym one time per day. This is doable since I go to the gym two times per day now – hah! So I’m packing my running shoes and enough gym clothes to get me through most of the week. I’m also taking travel size detergent if I need to wash a couple of items for a 2nd trip to the gym. Let’s hope this happens.

Finally, I’m bringing a journal to record my food, drinks (yes), and workouts. One of the most beneficial tools to my fitbattle has been keeping track of my food intake and workouts.

YES!!! I am planning on letting my hair down and having fun on my vacation. YES, I will be taking advantage of the free (well not really free) drinks. And YES, I’m going to hold myself accountable to continue to care for the vessel God gave me…my one and only body while I thoroughly enjoy my vacation.

I plan on writing some blogs while I’m on vacation. I’m assuming that I will have decent internet access. If you don’t hear from me next week it’ll be due to no internet access or I’m just having too much fun. If it’ the later, my weigh in when I return home will be interesting. 😉

Until next time…Kathi

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