all-inclusive resort friend or foe?

all-inclusive resort friend or foe?

All-inclusive resort friend or foe? It depends on your restraint. As I mentioned on Friday I was preparing for a vacation which I am now on – hurrah! We are staying at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun. If you’ve never stayed at an all-inclusive resort what it means is that every thing is included in one price: room, food, beverages (yes alcohol too), and activities. The good news is when you eat a minimum of 5 meals per day an all-inclusive resort is a big plus. The bad news…you do need to exercise restraint. The big question, after our second full day, is how am I doing? Well on the overall food and getting my meals in I’m doing well. But I did eat peanut m&m’s that were in my room the night we arrived and I drank WAY to many cocktails on Sunday – all day – so I didn’t drink any cocktails during the day today. I just got my first evening cocktail (cheers) and I’ll definitely have a couple more tonight. I am on vacation ya know!

I’ve also made it to the fitness center both mornings for cardio, so far so good. The gym is no great shakes but it’s better than no gym at all. It has two treadmills, two bikes, two ellipticals, free weights and a few machines for strength building. So far I’ve only used the  cardio equipment. Let me tell you the climate here makes a huge difference during the workout, holy humidity!

I’m going to make a good effort to minimize the day time cocktails, continue to avoid desserts, no more peanut m&m’s, keep my morning stop at the fitness center on the agenda and try to use moderation when it comes to the evening festivities – cocktails.

Otherwise I’m going to enjoy the R&R and all the benefits of the resort and the all-inclusive package.

Untill Tuesday or Wednesday (yes I will continue to blog this week but not every day)…Kathi

Hasta luego!