girl scout cookies – how to buy them and NOT eat them

girl scout cookies – how to buy them and NOT eat them

Girl Scout Cookies – how to buy them and NOT eat them…okay first of all it’s important for you to know that I was a Girl Scout all the way through my senior year in high school. I realize for some of you this is no shock and for others of you I’m sure the first thought that came to mind was “get out…you were a Girl Scout?” And it gets better, in my senior year I was on the Frontier Girl Scout Council – just the beginning of my over-achieving ways.

If you haven’t seen a Girl Scout this week you have not been to the grocery store. They are out in droves stirring up cookie sales. I resisted the first time I saw them this week but last night they were at the exit of Albertsons and I could not help myself. Now don’t worry…remember my heading of this blog? “How to buy them and NOT eat them.” Oh yes, there was a moment when I actually considered taking cookies home with me. The problem with that idea is that I have NO self-control when it comes to sweets and add the nostalgia of Girl Scout Cookies I would be doomed for sure.

So I walked out the door of Albertsons and there they were…four Girl Scouts, two of them in these ridiculous costumes. The best way I can describe them is they were fabric sandwich boards of different cookies (marketing at it’s best). They were greeting all the customers as they exited the store. There was no denying it…I was going to make a purchase. Of course I announced that I was a Girl Scout (all the way through my senior year in high school) and in Las Vegas too. Then I inquired about the price of a box of cookies, more out of curiosity since I was not actually planning on taking any cookies home. Do you know that they cost $3.50 per box? Wow! I’m pretty sure they were no more than a dollar when I was pushing cookies.

How did I escape with NO cookies? I simply pulled some small bills out of my pocket, amazingly I had $7 (enough for two boxes) handy and I asked if I could make a donation and not take the cookies. Well of course they are not going to turn down the cash. YES!!! I handed the $7 to one of the moms and told them to feel free to give the cookies to someone or just consider it a donation.

YES…I am proud of myself. If I would have brought a box (or two) of cookies home there’s no doubt I would not have been able to control myself and I would have already eaten way to many. Ah…what a victory! Yesterday was a GREAT day on the fitbattle field!

I’m sure you are thinking…”what’s so wrong about eating a few Girl Scout Cookies?” Well as I already confessed there’s no such thing as a few of anything when it comes to sweets for me. And here’s some nutritional info on a couple of my favorite Girl Scout Cookies:

Thin Mints: serving size = 4 cookies, calories = 160 g, fat g = 10 (sat fat g = 5), carbs = 22 g, protein = 1 g

Tagalongs: serving size = 2 cookies, calories = 140 g, fat g = 9 (sat fat g = 5), carbs = 13 g, protein = 2 g

***Want to look up the nutritional info for your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Click here! When the Girl Scout Cookie page opens click on the blue text near the bottom right corner titled: ” ingredients and nutritional facts for all cookies”.

Yep, bringing two boxes of cookies home would have been a disaster… for sure. The old me…the “happy being fat” me would eat a sleeve of Thin Mints without blinking. That “happy being fat” me is who I battle every day. If I didn’t defeat her I could have easily added 200-300 empty calories to my nutrition last night…maybe even more. I would eventually have had to throw the cookies in the garbage to save myself.

Let me be clear – I love the idea of Girl Scouts and Girl Scout Cookies…so please support those cute little Girl Scouts and donate. You do not have to eat two boxes of cookies to make a difference…just drop off a few bucks at the table and run for safety.

I hope y’all have a great weekend and you continue to defeat your arch enemy…the lying and conniving “happy being fat” you.

Until Monday…Kathi