no pain – no gain ::: know pain – know gain

no pain – no gain ::: know pain – know gain

no pain – no gain ::: know pain – know gain… Okay, I kind of plagiarized a bumper sticker that I saw a couple of months ago it read “no Jesus, no peace – know Jesus, know peace” a subject for an entirely different blog.

By pain, I’m talking about muscle soreness.  I have a love-hate relationship with muscle soreness. I remember when I first started working out with a trainer…oh almost 3 years ago…I mentioned to Kurt (my trainer at the time) after the first couple of sessions that I was not sore. Well he fixed that and real quick. I was definitely in pain after the next workout – mommy!

The only days I’m usually not in pain are Monday and Tuesday. Muscle soreness sets in about 24 hours or so after my workouts with Chris and lasts about a day or two. The muscle soreness can impact some of life’s simplest tasks…like unhooking my bra, sitting down, using stairs, and some days getting out of bed. It’s a good thing that bars always have straws available for the days I can’t lift a glass.

Do you know what causes muscle soreness? Yes, yes…I know, working out! This pain has an official name: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Basically when you are working out the strain on your muscles cause small microscopic damage to the muscle fibers. Start with this damage and add inflammation and you’ve got muscle soreness or pain. Our amazing bodies adapt and restore the strained muscles making them stronger and better able to perform the exercise next time…hence bigger muscles.

I’m sure you’ve seen the peeps at the gym that keep notes as they workout. No…not the Personal Trainers…well yes them too (at the least the goods ones do). Personally, I appreciate that Chris keeps track of all of this info. Anyways…after straining and restoring a muscle you want to push your muscles further to continue the strength building. So keeping track of your workouts is important since the muscles are now stronger (bigger) and straining requires (for example) heavier weight.

My love/hate relationship with muscle pain means I love being in pain since it gives me a feeling of accomplishment and I’m sometimes cursing the pain when it hurts to sit on the…well that’s TMI.


Until tomorrow…Kathi

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