CRAP! I forgot to ask for egg whites

CRAP! I forgot to ask for egg whites

CRAP! I forgot to ask for egg whites… Every Wednesday I meet my sister and dad for lunch at 11am. If we arrive by 10:55am we can order breakfast (they stop serving breakfast at 11) and I love breakfast! My sister doesn’t care if she misses breakfast so it’s me and dad that get there in time for the cutoff.

The server that usually waits on us knows that I always request egg whites, so I don’t have to ask for them anymore. Today Mary was off and the busser that was recently promoted to server is (apparently) not psychic (hee hee) and I forgot to ask for egg whites in my omelette. I didn’t even think about it until the omelette arrived and well at that point…it was too late.

So I ate the 3-egg omelette, yolks and all. I know three egg yolks aren’t going to kill me, but it’s just aggravating to make a mistake like that. I was in a hurry cause I met an old friend for coffee, hit the gym, showered quickly, and then rushed to make the breakfast cutoff. I won’t make that mistake again – not the rushing…the ordering. Funny thing is that I did remember to ask for dry toast. If I don’t it comes slathered in butter.

Does it really matter if I (you) eat the yolk? Well you decide. Please note that I eat egg whites at least three times per week. Here’s the 411 on eggs vs. egg whites:

Calories Protein Carbs Fat Grams
1 (one) Egg 74.5 6.2 0.6 5.0
1 (one) Egg White 16.7 3.5 0.3 0.0
Variance 57.8 2.7 0.3 5.0

For lunch my error was the variance line times three since it was a 3-egg omelette. That’s 180 unnecessary calories and 15 grams of fat – yikes! I’m trying to stay under 25 grams of fat so this was a critical mistake in my fitbattle. One I will not make again, at least not in the near future.

Until tomorrow! Kathi