positive parking vibes

positive parking vibes

Positive parking vibes… Yep I’m really going to talk about finding a parking spot at the gym. Well at least for a moment. Here’s the deal…I go to the gym two times a day so parking is a big deal to me. Plus I have this positive parking vibe thing. I believe attitude has a lot to do with finding a parking space. Try to find a space with a bad attitude and the thought “ugh, I’m never going to find a space” and you’ve sealed your fate.

What does this have to do with working out? Everything! I actually said to Chris last night “I can’t” and he said “yes you can”. In the fitbattle, where my biggest enemy is me, having someone on the front line with me has been essential. That someone is my Personal Trainer…Chris.

Okay you want to know what I said “I can’t” do? Stay with me here as I explain…Chris planned a VERY exciting lower body (leg) workout for last night that included one minute of jumping rope in between each lower body exercise. Each circuit included oh…I think four times jumping rump for one minute. During the first time through the circuit I jumped (or hoped) two times for each one rotation of the rope.

On the second time through the circuit Chris asked (or told) me to only jump (hop) once per rotation of the rope. I’m thinking…no I can’t do it that way, this is they way I’ve always jumped rope (let’s be honest until I started working out I haven’t jumped rope since I was a teenager). So I said “I can’t do it” (out loud) and Chris said “yes you can”.

If I was alone on the front line of my fitbattle it’s likely I would have quit. But NO I did not quit! I turned around (my back to Chris and the gym traffic so I could concentrate) and I did it, I changed the pace of my jumping – one jump per rotation of the rope (and yes this was more challenging). I was only able to do this because Chris told me I could when I declared I couldn’t.

And I know what you are thinking…NO Chris does not park my car! I have excellent positive parking vibes. But yes, during every session with Chris he gives me encouragement. It’s funny, during my other workouts (when I’m on my own) I sometimes talk to myself (yeah) telling myself that I can do it. Hmm. In spin class the instructor provides much-needed encouragement. What’s my point? A positive attitude in the parking lot and at the gym is key to winning the fitbattle. If you can’t do it alone…find a friend, get a trainer, go to classes.

Until tomorrow! Kathi