friday measurements – better than naked weight

friday measurements – better than naked weight

My Friday measurements – better than naked weight… one of the benefits of working with a Personal Trainer is that they monitor your progress by regularly taking your measurements. Since the beginning of my fitbattle both Kurt (1st trainer) and now Chris have taken my measurements. Friday was measurement day and it was a VERY good day!

Chris takes two types of measurements:

  • skin (fat) fold with calipers
  • circumference with a measuring tape

You have to get over your shyness with a trainer real quick so you can man-up and get through this process. Yes…Chris measures the density of my skin (fat) fold – it’s a lovely experience…not fun but very important. The measuring tape is much easier to deal with after you’ve had your fat fold squeezed between calipers.

Once your trainer has your skin fold measurements they use an equation to predict your Body Fat Percentage. This is not an exact science so it’s really important that you pay more attention to the improvements over time vs. trying to compare your results to a friend, for example.

The only results that mater are your results. Remember your personal fitbattle is with you…no one else. Some factors that impact the results are the equation the trainer uses, the number of skin folds he/she measures, and the consistency of measuring the same place on the body each time (to name a few).

What were my results? Since I started working out with Chris I’ve lost a total of 10 inches (when you combine my measurements for my chest, waist, hips, upper arm, and thigh). And based on Chris’ method for calculating my Body Fat % I’ve reduced my Body Fat by 7.3%. Woo Hoo!

Until tomorrow! Kathi

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