farting at the gym

farting at the gym

Farting at the gym… Yes, I’ve threatened to write about farting at the gym and well…here it is…my blog about farting and the gym. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I’m not the only one who has written about this subject. That’s probably because it’s happened to all of us. What has happened? We’ve either had the urge to or accidently farted or even worse had someone fart and run leaving us with the stench.

Let me go on record saying…you should make every effort to avoid farting at the gym. If this is not possible you should make your way to the restroom, quick!  Yes, I realize that sometimes farting is unavoidable and time may be a factor. If so, you have two options. Number one…go ahead and let it rip but make sure that you go undetected as the farter. Number two…do your best to minimize the number of people you impact by your fart.

Remember you should strive for NO farting at the gym!

Option number one: avoiding detection… This will not work in a class or with your trainer, mind you. To go undetected you’ve got to fart while on the move and since the odor has the tendency to stick around for a bit in your clothes do not stop moving too early…give the odor time to dissipate. A very wise man told me this method has a name: “crop dusting” – funny! If your only priority is to go undetected I would say the more people who are around the better. There will be more people to blame for the fart.

Option number two: minimize casualties… You’ve still got to fart while on the move, but you need to find a place in the gym that is less populated and then follow the directions in option #1.

I suppose a 3rd option is to embrace the fart. I was next to a guy on the stairmaster a couple of weeks ago and he farted. We were the only two people in the general area and it wasn’t my fart. Now every time I see the guy all I think about is that fart. Which is a good reason to make sure you are not detected as a farter.

As I mentioned above the two options do not work in classes so you’ve got a choice: fart or make a run for it. It’s a judgement call. I suppose you need to have a good idea how bad you think the odor will be. There’s nothing like making other people (and yourself) gag due to a really bad fart.

If you haven’t had enough of the farting subject…while googling “farting at the gym” I found a funny video. Click here to see it.

And I found another blog that provides some gym farting etiquette, if you are interested click here.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

2 thoughts on “farting at the gym

  1. Teresa

    I think there should be a farting revolution. Its a bodily function that is just not right to not let out. That’s just uncomfortable. I agree with minimizing others exposure, although I just don’t think it should be such a taboo action or topic. Thanks for airing this topic!