lunge your way to bathing suit season…safely

lunge your way to bathing suit season…safely

Lunge your way to bathing suit season…safely! First…let me go on record saying that the first time I did lunges I was like…”what the $#%&???”  I couldn’t imagine anything harder than lunges. Today I have a love/hate relationship with lunges and I’ve also learned that there are some other exercises that I would trade lunges for any day. Lunges are a great leg exercise that you can do anywhere…even at home. I did lunges on my vacation to make up for the less than ideal fitness room at the hotel.

There are many variations of the lunge. The two I’m going to touch on are the walking lunge and the stationary lunge. If you are an outdoor person the walking lunge might be just the thing to mix things up when you are taking your afternoon stroll around the neighborhood. If you prefer to exercise in the privacy of your home the stationary lunge is for you.

Walking Lunge: Stand with your back straight as you look forward. Take a big step forward with one leg. Gain your balance and make sure your front foot is firmly planted on the ground. Lower your rear knee straight down to the ground (without touching). For the safety part of this…ensure your front knee does not bend past your toes. This will minimize the risk of injury. Raise yourself back up and step your rear leg forward (a big step forward) and lunge again. Repeat until you’ve completed 40-50 lunges. You are off to the races.

Stationary Lunge: Okay…follow the same directions as the walking lunge. The only change is…after you raise yourself back up, keep your feet in the same position (do not step forward) and lunge again. Get it? You remain stationary and lunge for 15-20 reps. Then switch legs.

Once you’ve mastered the lunge (don’t wait too long) add weights to make the lunges more challenging. And then keep increasing the weight over time. I have no idea how much weight Chris has me up to for the stationary lunges, but it’s a lot. I think with dumbbells it might be two 40 lb. dumbbells but he also has me use a machine for stationary lunges and I really try not to look at the weights, so I don’t freak myself out. Sometimes it’s better not to know. 😉

I’m sure you are thinking these lunges sound like a great option, but a picture or video would be helpful…so I’ve provided a link below to Chris’s website where he has a few videos of different types of lunges for your viewing pleasure.

Click here for videos…

Happy Lunging! Until next week! Kathi