no tortilla chips and salsa on Saturday…was it worth it?

no tortilla chips and salsa on Saturday…was it worth it?

I skipped the tortilla chips and salsa on Saturday…was it worth it? Saturday night…birthday dinner…Border Grill…dangerous.  Mexican food is a big challenge when you are trying to eat healthy and add in the never-ending bowl of tortilla chips and 3 choices of salsa – yikes!  But when you are celebrating your last year in your 40’s why not go for bust? No, no, no…not me…my friend’s last year in her 40’s!!!

I was determined to have NO chips and salsa at dinner. I’m not sure how I did it, but I stayed strong and resisted the chips. I know myself well enough to know if I would have started eating the chips I would not have been able to stop myself. Really can anyone eat only (let’s say) 10 tortilla chips? I really doubt it…well unless you are eating the last 10 chips out of the bag.

Now for the good news…when you are trying not eat the chips and you are at dinner with 10 women, no worries, all the other gals will eat them. Well most of them, anyways. I simply pushed the basket away (from me) towards the other gals (every woman for themself) and sipped my Champaign cocktail (yes…I say save the carbs for cocktails).

How bad are the chips and salsa? Well I’m happy I avoided them. It’s all about choices. I chose cocktails over chips. Border Grill does not publish their nutrition info online, so I found some general nutrition info on for tortilla chips and salsa. I’m sure it’s close enough.

Tortilla Chips Salsa
Serving Size 1 oz (8-12 chips) 2 oz.
Calories 138 21
Cal from fat 59 2
Total fat 6.6 0.1
Saturated fat 0.8 0
Cholesterol 0 0
Sodium 119 245
Carbs 18.6 4
Fiber 1.5 0.8
Protein 2.2 0.9

I count this as a win on the fitbattle front lines!

Until tomorrow! Kathi