quick fix, silver bullet, lose 40 lbs in 40 days, B.S.!!!

quick fix, silver bullet, lose 40 lbs in 40 days, B.S.!!!

Quick fix, silver bullet (or is it magic bullet), lose 40 pounds in 40 days, B.S.!!! If this were true 60% of Americans would not be overweight and I would have been a size 4-6 for the last 30 years…not just for the last 2 months. The fitbattle requires motivation and dedication, just like anything else worth working for. Yes for some people it seems easier, but maybe they never developed the bad eating habits that I (and many other people) had/have. I was born weighing 9 pounds – 7 ounces…yep a big baby! I’ve always been a little overweight, sometimes not as much as other times, but I’ve never been skinny…that’s for sure.

Please!!! I beg you…do not buy into the quick fix. I get it…you can probably get some dramatic results trying something new. The issue is can you sustain those results and continue to improve upon them. I know from experience that most likely you can’t and won’t unless you change from the inside out. Years ago I lost 20 pounds on the Adkins diet, the pounds melted off. But I eventually gained the 20 pounds back. Then I tried Weight Watchers and lost 17 pounds and yes gained them back. Honestly I was not committed for the long-term. I was looking for quick fixes and I got them, they just didn’t last.

Unless there is a change to the core of your being and you adopt a new lifestyle that you are committed to for the long-haul your quick fix will be short-lived. This is exactly why the gym is slowing down…now that 50% of the people who declared a New Year’s Resolution have quit. Maybe they saw some results from their effort, maybe not, all I know is that it’s much easier to find a treadmill in the cardio area and get a bike in spin class.

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The real question is how bad do you want it? Health, fitness, skinny jeans, lower cholesterol, whatever it is that’s got you thinking about getting fit. The next question is are you willing to adopt a new lifestyle vs. going on a diet? Diets, by nature, are short-term. Think about it! We consider diets a fix, but really it’s just a band-aid and it will eventually wear out.

The last question…besides looking for motivation (which is hopefully why you are reading my blog) what the heck are you going to do about it???

Until tomorrow! Kathi

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  1. Curly Hair Princess


    As you know I totally agree. Just bite that magic bullet and make a change for life!