tell me how you really feel…

tell me how you really feel…

Tell me how you really feel – the best compliment I’ve received yet! A friend called me a skinny #$%&… Last Friday I ran into a friend that I hadn’t seen for a while and her response to my progress was the best yet.

It was Friday night and she had ahh…a few cocktails since she was celebrating her birthday…so her response was raw and awesome. She called me a skinny bleep (five letter word starting with a b) and a skinny bleep (five letter word starting with a w)…oh, I don’t know how many times. She also said I was hot and she commented on how my thighs were not touching (the jeans I was wearing helped with that).

If you are a woman there’s no doubt you’ve thought of someone as a skinny bitch (ack…I won’t type it out again). Even the Blue Martini has a drink with that name. I never considered that someday someone would refer to me that way…but I gotta tell you I liked it.

Let’s be honest…as women, we can appreciate when we see a thin, skinny, in shape, pretty, beautiful, cute, whatever gal…but we will look for something wrong with her. Okay that’s what I do…you may be better than me and not do it…but I doubt it. I’m sure it’s human nature and it’s how we find a way to feel better about ourselves. When you think about it we pretty much look for our own flaws too rather than appreciating our good attributes.

I have no doubt that although most of my friends are happy for me there’s a piece of them that are thinking that SB (I said I would type it out again) so it was refreshing when Jess just blurted it out. Heck, there’s even a book with that title and in fact I think I have it somewhere around here…I need to read it since it since someone loaned it to me and I’m sure they would like it back. 😉

Well this SB needs to get going to the gym now…until next week!  Kathi

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  1. kkulesza

    okay…it was pointed out to me that there is no appropriate 4 letter word starting with an h…hmm I really meant a five letter word starting with a w. Sorry for the confusion! I need to be able to run spell checker on my thoughts, clearly.