shorts weather has returned…oh no!

shorts weather has returned…oh no!

Shorts weather has returned – oh no! I believe today was the first official day of shorts weather at the gym. When I checked my iPhone this morning and saw that the temperature was supposed to get to 81 degrees I’ve got to admit I broke out the shorts too. But…my shorts are not short shorts, they come to about 3-4 inches above my knees.

Here’s the deal…I don’t mind shorts I just think people should consider how functional they are when wearing them to the gym. And honestly I think that men more than women should consider this very seriously. Personally I prefer men’s shorts at knee-length (or close to it) for the gym.

I saw a body builder wearing those tidy whitie type shorts today (but they were black)…you know like the shorts the UFC fighters from Brazil wear. Now if you are a UFC fighter bring ’em on, but if not how about a nice pair of knee-length athletic shorts? Just a side note I actually have a pair of bad boy tidy whities (they are black too with the bad boy logo on the butt)…got them as a b-day present and no I will not be wearing them out of the house.

There are guys that can even pull off athletic shorts shorter than knee-ish length but aren’t you at all concerned about exposing yourself? Why not just where the longer shorts? Most of you look better and there’s less chance of any accidents.

Now girls – well yes girls can pull off the short shorts better and chances are any girls that are wearing the very short shorts have worn them year-round anyways. Gals if you are going to wear short shorts please make sure we don’t have to see any unmentionables including butt cheeks and plumber’s crack. Yes this is a bit of a double standard, but some how I think most men and women alike will agree with me… or not! I’m sure they guys wouldn’t mind a peek at the butt or crack (for that matter).

I just have to wonder, when I see how some people dress for the gym, do they have a mirror at home? Then I think oh crap! I wonder if anyone has looked at me and thought the same thing. Well at the very least people watching does help pass the time when I find myself getting just a little bored doing cardio. I feel a little bad about judging everyone’s gym outfits but I also believe that some of the outfit choices are meant to get a reaction or at least a little attention, so I can’t feel all that bad cause it worked.

Until tomorrow! Kathi