get a grip! i love my new versa gripps!

get a grip! i love my new versa gripps!

Get a grip! I love my new Versa Gripps!

What’s a Versa Gripp? You wear them to assist with lifting weights. As my abilities progressed and the weights that I’m using have gotten heavier, there came point in time where my hands and wrists were giving out before the muscle I was exercising. So Chris recommended the Versa Gripps.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m hardcore!

I waited a little while until more often than not my hands and wrists started to really hold me back. Unlike my typical purchasing behavior…I ordered the slightly cheaper version: [amazon_link id=”B000VULPUS” target=”_blank” ]Versa Gripps Classic[/amazon_link]. They made a world of difference. I was able to make it through a set without having to give my hands a rest when using heavier weights.

I now find myself needing the [amazon_link id=”B000VW9PIK” target=”_blank” ]Versa Gripps[/amazon_link] on Wednesday and Friday nights (for the lower body and Pull workouts).  I recently upgraded to the Versa Gripps Pro – WOWZA! It’s amazing what a difference a half inch (or so) in length, slightly thinner material, and a different finish can make. I’m talking about the Versa Gripps!

versa gripp pro with weight






I love the [amazon_link id=”B000VW9PIK” target=”_blank” ]Versa Gripps Pro[/amazon_link]. It just goes to show that in some cases you should go with the most expensive option. I’m definitely getting my $52.50 worth of value.

Now all I need to do is practice getting them on & off, and getting that first grip. Thankfully Chris is a relatively patient person. He did tell me to practice putting them on 100 times at home – hmm.

There are other options out there…that I’ve personally not tried. You can use lifting hooks and/or straps or wrist straps in lieu of the Versa Gripps. I do wear workout gloves when the Versa Gripps are not needed (you don’t wear both at the same time). In theory gloves and Gripps should prevent calaouses…but I still get them.

Now that I’ve got a good grip (of the weights) I need to get a mental grip and conquer this mind over matter thing that continues to slow me down (at times) – you know fear. But that’s for another blog.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

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    1. kkulesza

      Tommy, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love sharing my fitness journey with the world or at least with the people that read my blog. Kathi

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      Hi, thanks for checking out my blog. Not sure which point you are referring to but if you clarify I’d be willing to do a little research. Kathi