my biggest fear – the box step jump ups

my biggest fear – the box step jump ups

Definition of fearto be afraid or apprehensive.

My biggest fear (at the gym)…the box step jump ups… About a year ago I injured my shin pretty badly doing box step jump ups using a one foot box step. Yeah…one foot!

box stepJust before it happened I was thinking that I was getting tired and I just wanted to get them done…so I started to speed up and BAM one foot was under the box step, who knows where the other foot went, my shin banged against the metal, my trainer (Chris) scrambled to help, I scared myself and I’m pretty sure I saw a glint of fear in Chris’s eyes too. I sucked it up and finished the set. Then I took a break and checked out my injury. Wow my shin was red!


When I got home that night I gave my sister a blow-by-blow of the…”situation” (probably not so funny if you haven’t seen or heard of the “Jersey Shore”) and I bent down to touch my shin and that slight touch caused one of the worst burning pains I think I’ve ever felt. Thankfully my sister was able to offer some advice…ice it immediately! I had that bruise for at least 6 months…if that tells you anything.

In case you need a visual of what a Bench Jump looks like…check out this video:

Bench Jumps Video (Unlike the guy in the video I jump both up and down.)

Needless to say…ever since the “situation” I have a fear of doing jump ups. And the good (or bad) news is I’ve graduated to the two foot (24 inch) box step or a bench (which is about 20 inches give or take a couple of inches). Yes…so now I have to jump even higher.

flat benchOn Tuesday night…I had to face my fear again. It was the Push of the Push/Pull Split (yes upper body) so good question…why jumping? Chris wanted to add a little excitement to my workout so he made it a circuit, which meant in between each Push exercise I did 20 bench jumps. A grand total of 200 jump ups – and yes I still feared them all the way to the bitter end…but I did make some progress facing my fear.

A little trick I’ve come up with (since the “situation”) is stepping up on the step/bench first so I can wrap my brain around how high I need to jump. By the eighth set I do admit it seemed a little redonkulous…so to appease Chris I discontinued the preparatory step up and just jumped (well almost I still hesitated but I did jump without stepping up first – eventually). This was progress!

It’s amazing how I still fear jump ups considering how many I’ve done successfully since the “situation” (okay I realize the reference to the “Jersey Shore” is getting real old now). Our minds are very powerful which is why exercise is not just good for the body it’s also good for the mind. In life we face many fears, some of which cannot be traced so easily to a specific moment in time, like my fear of the box step jump ups. Facing this fear will no doubt help me face other fears that life presents.

The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled. ~Plutarch

Until tomorrow… Kathi

6 thoughts on “my biggest fear – the box step jump ups

  1. Curly Hair Princess

    It’s great that you were able to get over the mind block. I know how hard it is to do. I tore my ACL during a Tae Kwon Do class and after I was released to go back to full activity I just couldn’t get myself to not baby that leg. I still find myself doing it sometimes. I had my gait analyzed at a running store and my body is still overcompensating for what isn’t there anymore. My injured leg places fine but my “good” leg pronates. Wonder how long before I totally get rid of the residual “fear”.

    Keep at it. I don’t see myself coordinated enough right now to even think about jump ups. Looks like I have a challenge to add to my list. Now I feel like jumping!

    1. kkulesza

      Wow, your injury was definitely worse than my little bruise. I am glad that I’m not alone. I noticed that there is a new huge box step at the gym (probably 3 feet tall) I’m hoping my trainer doesn’t get any crazy ideas and have me try that one next time. I did see a guy jumping up on it…no idea how he did it. 😉

  2. Robt Carnillo

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