challenging workout session with NO equipment…crazy!

challenging workout session with NO equipment…crazy!

Okay, really! How can a workout session with NO equipment be so challenging…crazy! It just goes to show that you don’t need a gym to get a good workout. I know what you are thinking…”oh it couldn’t have been that hard of a workout”. Well I dare you to try it and let me know what you think. If I don’t hear from you I’ll conclude that you were chicken or you tried it and I was right!

I’ve provided a list below of the exercises that my circuit workout included. Oh, and by circuit that means no rest in between each exercise. To be honest I did take a moment to get the blood circulation back into my head and/or catch my breath before starting the next exercise…but no big breaks! I should mention…I didn’t come up with this stuff on my own…this is why I have a personal trainer. Otherwise I’d be on the treadmill or stairmaster for another 45 minutes.


Sideways Run & Body Weight Squats: Run (or move quickly) sideways in the squat position (approx. 30 feet), stop complete 10 body weight squats. Run sideways in the opposite direction and complete 10 body weight squats, repeat 2 more times. (Proper form includes shoulders back, chest out, looking forward, butt out, and your knees should not extend past the tip of your toes. And don’t be afraid to get way down there in your squat – it’s better for the butt muscles.)

Single Leg Step Ups – 1 min per leg: You’ll need a chair or step ladder. I recommend placing it up against a wall if possible. Using one leg step up and back down with continuous motion for one minute. Switch legs and repeat for one minute.

Stationary Lunge – 1 min per leg: I shared the proper form for a lunge a couple of blogs ago, if you missed it…CLICK HERE. Complete one minute of stationary lunges per leg.

Calf Raises – 100 total:All you need is a step/stair. Stand on the edge of the step on the balls of your feet (let’s say hip distance apart), lower your heals below the step and then raise them back up so both heals are above the height of the step. Now do 99 more of these. Ensure you are getting a “full range of motion” as my trainer would say.

Mountain Climbers – 1 min: You can only appreciate these by watching a video…so checkout the link I’ve provided below.

Step Jumps – 1 min: Find a stable surface that is about one-two feet in height. Place one foot on the higher surface while leaving the other foot firmly planted at floor level and jump switching the positions of your feet. Both feet should be in motion at the same time and this is a continuous movement for one minute.

Squat Thrust Jump – 1 min: This is another exercise that you really need to watch the video to completely appreciate and understand the exercise. Basically while standing with your feed hip distance apart and in one continuous motion…squat placing both hands palm down on the floor to each side of your knees, thrust your legs behind you landing in the plank position and then return to the squat position and jump back up head first to your starting position and repeat for one minute.

Whew! Okay that’s it! This circuit should take 15-20 minutes. Complete it two times. Good Luck!

Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it! I’m letting you know in advance we are celebrating some family birthdays on Sunday so I do plan on having some birthday cake…just say’n.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

6 thoughts on “challenging workout session with NO equipment…crazy!

  1. Minna

    Hi Kathi,

    You may be interested to know that what you call ‘squat thrust jump’, we call ‘burpees’. And we all hate them. Such a killer. There is also a variation to this where you do a push-up when in then plank position. And yes, it sucks even more. I’m sure my personal trainer includes burpees and/or the rowing machine every week because she knows I hate them.

    Note – I hear they call them burpees because they are meant to make you bring up your lunch. Ewww, sorry.

    Cheers – Minna

    1. kkulesza

      That’s hysterical…burpees, love it! Yep I’m familiar with the added push up. Fortunately the day we did them was leg day so there were no push ups this time (or dumbbells). 😉 I’m trying to trick my trainer now by telling him I love exercises that I hate, but it doesn’t work.