restraining order for certain hot girls at the gym

restraining order for certain hot girls at the gym

Is it possible to have a restraining order issued against certain hot girls at the gym? Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti all hot girls just some hot girls. And I have a simple request…I don’t want these particular hot girls within 15 feet of me at the gym.

Why? All the distractions…that’s why! (Distractions in my head and around me.) Let me take you back in time…I’m on the stairmaster minding my own business and two of the “hot girls” that I’m talking about hop on the elliptical machines directly in front of me. So I am right behind them and the distractions in my head start – I’m thinking… “there’s no way she’s wearing underwear or even a thong in those white spandex pants, is there?” and “why did they have to pick those two machines?” and “is that other chick actually drunk or worse?” and “maybe if I close my eyes they will disappear” and “okay suck it up they can’t possibly last that long there’s no way they are actually here for exercise”.

Okay that was just in my head and then the distractions all around me…guys milling around bumping into each other, equipment, garbage cans, and walls…with their tongues hanging out, looking like idiots just waiting for one of them to drop something so they can pick it up or fantasizing that by some miracle maybe one of the girls will actually smile at them inviting them over – NOT!

Oh but wait, the chick that has no interest at all in exercise (the one I think is drunk and is moving around like she’s in slow motion on the elliptical…or kindof like she’s working a stripper pole but there’s no pole) drops her phone. She has no intention, what so ever, of picking up it up. Men are so predictable. She seems out of it but she knows men well enough to know there are at least 5-10 of them keeping an eye on her and her friend and one of them will no doubt hand her the phone momentarily and voila it appears in the palm of her hand! If I fainted at this moment no one would notice. Everyone’s gaze is fixed on that darn cell phone.

Thankfully I’m right and these two girls only last 15 minutes (on the elliptical) of my 45 minutes on the stairmaster, but it feels like an eternity.

Back to the present and my simple request… “hot girls that are only at the gym for recreation, to toy with men, a little ego boost, or whatever satisfaction you receive…but you are definitely not their for a workout…I’d prefer that you stay at least 15 feet away from me”. That means don’t get on the machine directly in front of me or to either side of me. I can’t help myself it’s like a bad car accident…I just can’t look away and now you’ve broken my concentration and the bliss of getting a really good sweat on the stairmaster. Between looking at these girls in complete awe and disgust and watching the men and their reactions who could look away?

All you other hot girls that are at the gym for the same reason I am…to fight a good fitbattle…you can workout next to me anytime. Oh and hot guys bring it!

Until tomorrow! Kathi

2 thoughts on “restraining order for certain hot girls at the gym

  1. Teresa

    KK I am a little sad to see this is messing with your mojo. The only thing I can think of is join a more expensive gym, that might weed out these types. Or perhaps at the other end the YMCA might also not attract these types.

  2. kkulesza

    LOL…you are too funny! Thankfully is was just a 15 minute lapse of my mojo. I may have to check out the YMCA when my membership expires. I still have another year to go. 😉