get in the zone…update

get in the zone…update

Get in the zone…update.

Okay so here are the three objectives I set out to accomplish today:

  • Ensure that my heart rate does not fall below my target fat burning zone
  • Spend 25% more time in the cardio burning zone
  • And to do both of these…I need to spend more time in the mind over matter zone!

How did I do today? Well I set out for the gym this morning determined to maximize my cardio efforts. Not as easy as it sounded. Until today I have not spent much time focusing on my heart rate.

Let’s start with the 2nd goal…spend 25% more time in the cardio training zone. I typically spend about 40-55 minutes doing cardio, let’s call it 45 minutes so to achieve this goal I needed to spend an additional 11 minutes in the cardio training zone.

I knew that the treadmill would be a straight forward way to accomplish a bulk of this goal. Typically I spend 10-12 minutes warming up on the treadmill doing intervals at 4.0 and 6.0 so I end up running at 6.0 for 3-5 minutes of the warmup and in the cardio training zone.

I did great on the treatmill…I bumped up my time to 22 minutes and I spent more of my time at 6.0 which puts me right on the bottom of my heart rate target for the cardio training zone…137-140 when I’m running. And I was in the mind-over-matter zone too…it was awesome. I blasted the music, stared off into nothingness and paid as little attention as possible to the time ticking away on the treadmill.

Today I ran 12 of the minutes I was on the treadmill, so let’s call it 8 addiitional minutes in the cardio training zone. On to the elliptical…all I needed was 3 more minutes in the cardio training zone and mission accomplished.

Sadly I did not achieve my goal. I was not able to get my heart rate into the cardio training zone on the elliptical (today). But not all was lost. I did make great strides keeping my heart rate high enough so it would not fall below the fat burning zone (which was my first goal). It took a little time to get there. I had to keep increasing the level. I started at level 6 and eventually ended up at level 10. At level 10 I was able keep my heart rate between 124 to 132. My fat burning zone is 125-137.

Tomorrow is another day and I have a new starting point. Two out of three is not bad and a key to accomplishing just about anything at the gym is being able to get into the mind-over-matter zone…so I’m extremely happy I found that zone.

Until tomorrow! Kathi