I don’t want a B! I want a C!!! Cup that is…

I don’t want a B! I want a C!!! Cup that is…

I don’t want a B! I want a C!!! I’ve finally had to come to terms with…ugh I don’t even think I can even say it (type it)…okay…the girls are shrinking. I’m pretty sure the bulk of the weight I’ve lost the last two weeks have come right from my boobs. There! I said it!

For, almost, ever I’ve worn a C cup (there were definitely times – years – that my cup runneth over and a D may have been more appropriate). One of the up sides of being a “few” pounds over weight and with my genes is having a nice rack (hee hee…couldn’t help myself). I always felt that one of my best physical features were the girls. They’ve done me well. I love having cleavage!

Houston we have a BIG problem! I’ve finally had to break down and buy some new bras since my tiny little breasts were getting lost in my old bras. While shopping for the perfect bra I found that this meant going down 2″ (not so bad) and one cup size (not so good).

I have complained about this to my trainer, but apparently there’s nothing he can do. “You can’t control where you lose the fat.” says Chris. Yep this is the same reason why all those gimmicks (pills, potions, workouts, and/or equipment) to have great abs don’t work without a significant cardio effort and proper nutrition. “Fat is stored in breast tissue.” says Chris…with not even a hint of empathy. 😉 Since there’s nothing Chris can do about my dilemma…off shopping I went.

Thankfully I discovered padded bras they truly are miracle workers. Believe me when I was heavier I wouldn’t (couldn’t) even consider a padded bra…there was no need. I had plenty of cleavage. But now…I’m a big fan of the padding.

Even better Target (pronounced tar-jay) has plenty of really good value (cheap $12.99) bras that make my girls look great. For $19.99 you can upgrade to a gel bra…I stuck with the $12.99 version. I’ve netted out with not as much cleavage as I had in my cleavage heydays, but it will do.

Who doesn’t love cleavage? It has so many redeeming factors. Cleavage is like a beacon of hope in the lonely abyss of a bar. It breaks down barriers, welcomes you, and is even sometimes a conversation starter. I must state I’m not a big fan of cleavage at work unless you are a cocktail waitress and I believe that the gym is also not an appropriate place for flaunting “bar” cleavage. Remember a little can go a long way. I’m sure men will disagree.

Now all I need to find is a swimsuit with some padding in the top and I’ll be all set for summer.

Until next week! Kathi