earth day…change – what will it take?

earth day…change – what will it take?

Earth Day…change – what will it take?

Today has been a bit unusual. I’ve spent time with myself just thinking! I know it will come as a shock but it’s as easy for me (the unemployed) as it is for you (the working stiff) to get lost in my day-to-day grind. No not the grind that you hard-working folks have, but still I get preoccupied with my goings on and often don’t really take time to sit and just be.

I know what you are wondering…what have I been thinking about today?

I’ve given Earth Day a lot of thought and it brought me back to how much I’ve changed in the last three years. I’ve pondered what it would take for us (Earthlings) to have more than just an Earth “Day”…one day we honor this place we live. Forget the structures that shelter us! Without the Earth we would cease to exist in our physical forms. What would it take for everyone or a LOT more people to take action and honor the Earth more than one day a year?

That brought me back to my change. I went from someone who claimed to love myself but not demonstrating it, by taking care of the one body I was given, to someone whom I’m sure some of my friends and family consider a health and fitness fanatic. What happened? Was it really as simple as me regaining four pounds that I had recently lost walking to and from the el station in Chicago?

The more I thought about it…that can’t be it or at least not all of it. On many occasions I’ve read that change requires a significant emotional event. Regaining that four pounds was not a “significant” emotional event. What was it then? Well after 22 years I decided to move back to Las Vegas where I grew up.

There was a long time when I was sure that I would NEVER move back and here I am. That first three to four months was a huge adjustment. For so long no one ever knew where I was on a day-to-day basis. I remember the first week at my new job I was getting calls from my family almost every day checking in with me and I was thinking? “Oh my…am I going to suffocate?” I knew I wouldn’t but I realized that this was definitely going to be an adjustment…being so close to my family after being so far (physically and in many ways emotionally).

Somehow coming home made me feel more accountable for the last 22 years of my life. Yep…that must be it! Moving home…to Las Vegas after 22 years was my significant emotional event, it just wasn’t a big BAM…it was more like ripples of water when you toss a pebble into a pond. Over the first few months being back home all the ripples added up to me making some changes…big personal changes that I’m sure have extended my life.

Back to Mother Earth…what will it take for us to really change how we treat her? When will enough be enough? We’ve seen several recent examples of how fragile she really is. The Earthquake in Haiti, Chile, and China. The volcano in Iceland. Is it too late? I suppose I’ll have to figure out if I’m willing to make changes in my life that honor the Earth more than just one day and hope and pray that everyone else does too.

Until tomorrow! Kathi