my favorite spin class

my favorite spin class

After months of spinning I now have a favorite class (and instructor)…

I’ve decided that the Wednesday night spin class with Chris (not to be confused with Personal Trainer Chris) is my favorite class. His class was the first one I ever attended, but I’ve tried many different classes since then and I’ve concluded that he’s the best.

I missed the Wednesday night spin for several weeks, but this Wednesday I was back and man it was very good to be back in Chris’s class! All in all I’ve experienced nine different instructors. Each one has their own unique approach to leading spin and they all play very different music.

What’s so great about the Wednesday night class? It’s an overall great class and it’s an awesome workout. Chris gets in your head and knows just what to say and when to say it. He gives very clear instructions on what to do throughout the class and he reminds us (just enough) to maintain the proper form throughout class: shoulders down away from your ears, elbow slightly bent, look forward, keep you upper body relaxed, hips back, and heals down. Believe me it’s easy to let your form slip when you are spinning uphill for five plus minutes.

His classes always go extremely smooth. He never seems to have technical difficulties with the music or microphone. He doesn’t have to jack with the music throughout the entire class. He simply starts the music and follows his plan. He’s extremely consistent and his focus is solely on providing us with a good spin workout. I might also mention he’s a personal trainer too, which I believe has something to do with the way he approaches his class.

A bit of comparison…I’ve been to a spin class where the instructor NEVER spins (one of the other spinners told me he hasn’t been on a bike for the two years she’s been going to his class). He walks around the class getting in everyone’s face. He doesn’t offer any advice on proper form, which is essential in all exercise to minimizing risk of injury…from lifting weights to spin class. Needless to say…I haven’t been back to that guy’s class and if pushed I’d say his is my least favorite class. With that said he has a following and his class was packed…it’s just not for me.

There’s another class that kind of like spiyoga. The instructor teaches both spin and yoga classes so she incorporates some yoga into her instruction. It’s an interesting approach to spin and I don’t mind it. Her music is good and she too provides clear instruction and when class is over, it’s been a good workout. She does talk a little too much…to the point where her talking is distracting…but it is a good workout.

I also like the Monday and Thursday night classes. Corey (Monday night spin) has a TON of energy and he’s always entertaining us with his antics. He keeps the class fun and at a very high energy level. He also likes to break us up into teams and create a bit of competition. Jessica (Thursday night spin) also brings a lot of energy to spin class. She’s easy to understand and follow and I enjoy her class. I believe she’s a teacher at her day-job which fits her personality and approach to class.

The net-net of spinning…with the different instructors and their varying approaches…there’s a class for everyone. Whether you like the calm, cool, consistent approach of someone like Chris to the fun and competition that Corey’s class offers, to spiyoga by Mary…there is a class for you. Spinning for 45 plus minutes is a good workout and we control the resistance on our own bike…so it’s up to us how hard of a workout we’ll get. The instructors provide the ambiance, music and energy, with some instruction mixed in.

Happy Friday!!! Until Monday…Kathi