sometimes last is best

sometimes last is best

Sometimes last is best… I’m always a little conflicted about how much is too much when I share insights into my relationship with my personal trainer. I want everyone to know that it’s great┬áto have a trainer by your side in the fitbattle…leading, pushing, and encouraging you. In some ways though…I don’t want to share my trainer with anyone. After all he’s MY trainer.

A little bit about my personal training schedule… I’ve had the Tuesday 7pm and Friday 6pm slot ever since I started working out with Chris. A couple of months ago I added a third session on Wednesday at 7pm, which just got moved to Thursday at 4pm. “So what?” You are wondering. Well my Tuesday and Friday sessions are┬áChris’s last session of the day (so was Wednesday at 7pm). The Thursday session that I now have is not last, it’s somewhere in the middle.

Yes, I’m getting to my point. I love being the last client Chris sees on Tuesday and Friday. Last is BEST! On Thursdays we have to stick to the plan and there’s NO time for dilly dallying. Here’s how the session goes…meet Chris in the sitting area, have a little chit chat (hello, how’s it going, etc.), do the workout, and 45-50 minutes later back to the sitting area, do some paperwork, and Chris is off to the next appointment.

On Tuesday and Friday nights it’s pretty much the same except I get extra time (bonus time). Tuesday and Friday nights seem just slightly more laid back than Thursday’s. Don’t get me wrong the workouts are always “bad ass” it’s just there’s not this thing looming over us…time…”tick tock, tick tock” pushing us to jam through the session. At the end of the session we can chat a little more if we want to cause there’s no next client.

Chris is extremely generous with his time and I’m very selfish and I take any extra time he’s willing to give. In a weird way I feel special like it’s a little secret that I hate to even share with you. I’ll admit since I switched to the Thursday 4pm (middle of the road) session I’m envious of the client that has the last session on Wednesday night or is it Thursday (or maybe I’m envious of both)? I’m not really sure I just know I feel like…”Hey! that’s my extra time with Chris, not yours!”

Let’s just pretend that I’m the only client that he gives a little bonus time to and it’ll be our little secret.

I recommend that you test out my little theory that last is sometimes best. Figure out what the last appointment of the day is with your personal trainer, hairdresser, dentist, etc. and see if you can find experiences where last is best for you too.

Until tomorrow! Kathi