ladies…what’s up with our own butt obsession?

ladies…what’s up with our own butt obsession?

Ladies…it creates chaos when you look at your butt in the mirror instead of looking where you are walking…snap out of your obsession with your own butt!

Okay, I get it! You see the mirror in the corridor leading to the locker room and you can’t help yourselves…your eyes are drawn to your own butt.

Here’s the deal. You are causing chaos…actually you are causing a traffic hazard. Everyone else has to walk around you or slow down (if they are behind you) while you inspect your own merchandise. There are plenty of mirrors in the locker room. Take care of that business before you leave the locker room or when you get inside.

Plus…it actually looks uncomfortable the way you have to do that half twist. You know how you turn your butt towards the mirror so you can see it and then you turn your head (and shoulders) towards the mirror too? So basically you are turning your butt and shoulders towards one another.

If you are not careful you are going to strain something or worse. What will happen if you bump into one of the other women that are also not paying attention? Bam! Human pretzel…the two of you twisted together and imagine the injuries that colliding while twisting will cause.

What is our obsession with our butts all about. It takes every bit of constraint that I have to not do the butt twist too. Once in a while I catch myself just starting to twist and I have to stop myself. The key is that I DO STOP myself. It’s kind of like rubbernecking…most people just can’t help themselves…it’s a phenomenon.

Oh and guys I know you are not exempt from this behavior…I see you checking out your biceps in the mirrors upstairs and in the ATC. Who knows what kind of hazards you are causing in your locker room entrance corridor. Maybe it’s not a butt obsession but I’m sure theirs something that you feel compelled to inspect in the mirror.

Until tomorrow! Kathi