how I got my mojo back

how I got my mojo back

How I got my mojo back…

Actually I’m not really sure how I got it back, but here’s what I know…

My mojolessness started last week and the symptoms were as follows:

  • lack of oomph at the gym
  • extreme cravings for really bad stuff
  • a feeling that I was not in control
  • an overall icky feeling

What did I do about it? I kept up my routine…I did not want to give in. Well except I did give into a couple of cravings…they were unbearable. Lastly I did a little research on the subject which was really not that helpful.

When I realized that I felt like I was out of control that really pissed me off so I basically man’d up and took back control. I bought some peanut butter (one of my worst cravings) and threw it out – just to prove that I was in control. Yep, that’s $2.50 right into the garbage. It was empowering.

Some other things I did to get out of my funk…I got a little more sleep the last few nights, washed my bed linens (used some bleach too – so refreshing), got to see my niece and nephew on Monday night (by chance) there’s noth’n that seeing those two can’t cure, charged my Shuffle (believe it or not I’ve been going to the gym without it – yikes), and I used some other cardio machines to mix things up a bit.

How do I know I’m out of my mojolessness? Well Chris incorporated a mojo test with my leg workout tonight. I bumped into him earlier in the day at the gym during my morning workout and I mentioned that I got my mojo back. Chris wanted to make sure so he planned a workout that required mojo and I passed with flying colors.

I know what you are thinking…that’s nuts! What workout would require mojo? Well let me tell you. It was leg day (yeah, I already mentioned that) so Chris decided to go with something straight forward but killer – really heavy and a lot of reps. It was a crazy test of my mojo.

I only did two exercises. The first one was drop-weight leg presses. Here’s how it went. 20 reps with 450 pounds (that’s 10 plates – 8 more than shown in the pic to the right), then 30 reps after removing (dropping) two plates making it 360 pounds, and finishing with 50 reps after removing two more plates (making it 270 pounds). Oh mama my thighs were burning!!!  Oh yeah…after a decent rest Chris had me do it all over again.

Believe me you need mojo to do that!

The second exercise (just to seal the deal that my mojo was back) were split squats. Picture this…me holding two 20-lb. dumbbells, one leg behind me with my rear foot propped up on a 12-inch box step, my other leg in front of me and then I squat. It looks more like a lunge, but apparently it’s officially a squat. 20 reps, switch leg positions and 20 more reps. A rest and do it two more times through. Yep, if my thighs weren’t already worn out and burning from the leg presses that finished me off.

Who cares about the burning and the shaking legs! I got my mojo back!!! WOO HOO!

Until tomorrow! Kathi

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