it’s not easy to take it easy

it’s not easy to take it easy

It’s not easy to take it easy… I know I need healing but I’m not quite sure what that means yet.

Okay…as I’ve mentioned the last couple of days, I’ve got a sore hip and a numb thigh muscle. Thankfully my tweaked neck is feeling better. It’s still a little tweaked but nothing I can’t deal with. My hip and thigh on the other hand…well my hip hurts when I walk, getting in and out of my car, and when I stretch. My PA did tell me to stretch it though. He said that the phrase “no pain, no gain” came from physical therapy so stretching is good. I told him that I created the new phrase: “No Pain – No Gain … Know Pain – Know Gain”. (Ha kidding I didn’t tell him that, although I did create it.)

Anyways…I’m sitting here watching my DVR’d shows (and writing this blog) with a cold pack on my hip and heat pack on my neck…liv’n the dream baby! I’m looking forward to Monday when I meet with the Physiotherapist that my PA referred me to for evaluation and “therapy”…hmm. In the meantime I’ve decided to dial my workouts back just a little bit.

By dialing it back this is what I’ve done (or not done) so far… Yesterday I only went to the gym once (in the morning) and did cardio. I’m minimizing the time on the treadmill since that’s when my hip hurts the most. For now I’m going to stick to the stairmaster and/or elliptical. I’m only going to use the treadmill for a short and easy warm up after stretching. I skipped spin last night in the interest of not overdoing it.

Today I skipped my morning workout. I gotta tell you it was nice to take last night and this morning off. Usually it’s go, go, go. Tonight Chris adjusted my workout and we focused on upper body (including core) in lieu of lower body since that’s where all my issues are. Let me tell you…”holy reverse crunches” (all 200 of them). Tomorrow night will be more upper body.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to have a twofer tomorrow or not yet. I’m thinking about going to spinoga tomorrow morning and not pushing myself too hard in class. After all I control the resistance on the bike.

It’s not easy to take it easy…but I want to understand the source of my pain and numbness. I definitely don’t want to make it any worse. So for now, I’m going to try to relax a little. Maybe catch up on some reading and look forward to my eval with the Physiotherapist.

Until tomorrow! Kathi