it’s complex – said my physiotherapist

it’s complex – said my physiotherapist

“It’s complex” said the Physiotherapist…my aching hip is a result of a problem with my SI or Sacroiliac Joint. Yep, I know what the heck is that? To complicate things more he said it’s the SI but really the iliopsoas (muscle). The SI Joint is where the spine and pelvis meet. Apparently they need to both move but my pelvis isn’t moving on my right side which is causing the pain.

What’s causing the numbness in my right thigh? The Physiotherapist doesn’t know what’s causing it. Yeah can’t win ’em all. My numb thigh will have to stay a mystery for now. The other issue with the numb thigh is that it’s getting more and more difficult to discern if the damn thing is still numb.

What next? Therapy. I’ve never had therapy (not physical or emotional – hee hee). After the evaluation I got a little therapy today. I’m not really sure what Frank (the Physical Therapist) did. There was some manipulation around the joint and some pressing on my lower spine and then Laser Therapy. Yes, two square red lights on my lower back for 20 minutes…fascinating! The Laser Therapy is intended to help the pain.

How do I feel? The same. No more Advil for inflammation. I can continue taking it for pain (if needed). Ditto for applying heat in the morning and cold at night (to my hip). Both are good for alleviating pain, so they are optional. I’m good to go on the push/pull split and leg day. Woo Hoo! The adjustments Chris made last week resulted in an ab extravaganza. It’ll be nice to get back to lifting heavy stuff. Oh! Spin class, the elliptical, and the stairmaster all got a thumbs up.

The Physiotherapist said “no more” pain causing stretching or exercises – brilliant! That means no treadmill for now. I’ll be discontinuing the stretches that the PA had me add last week since they cause pain. Really sad…no lunges. Happy Kathi – sad Chris (he LOVES lunges). Basically we need to minimize any stress on the SI Joint. The good news (with the alterations) I’m all clear to keep working out – YAY!

I’ll be in therapy two to three times per week for a while. All in all…not so bad. I get to have a new experience (physiotherapy) and skip lunging for a little while. Life is good.

Until tomorrow! Kathi