i think meatloaf hit on me at the gym

i think meatloaf hit on me at the gym

I think Meatloaf hit on me at the gym the other day…

I’m minding my own business and getting settled on the stairmaster. I’ve got my Shuffle on, ear buds tucked tightly into my ears, and the TV on (most likely channel 55 – HGTV) with closed captioning. I don’t remember what show I was watching, but it got Meatloaf’s attention. Okay…it wasn’t really Meatloaf but this guy is a Meatloaf look alike.

Don’t get me wrong…I appreciate that a guy talked to me at the gym cause he must have liked what he saw, right? But I’m not at the gym to meet guys. I’m at the gym to workout! There are definitely days that I make it easier on guys. #1 sign is the earphones out of the ears…which equals approachable (well at least more approachable).

Meatloaf leaned over and asked me a question about the show I was watching. I paused the shuffle, removed my right ear bud, and said “pardon me?” He repeated his question…I answered, gave a quick smile, put my ear bud back in, restarted the Shuffle, and went back to my workout.

Here’s the deal…I’m not exaggerating. My new friend looked like Meatloaf. He had long curly black hair pulled back in a ponytail. His workout gear started with lycra body-hugging shorts. No, they were not long enough either (the shorts not the hair, the hair was definitely long enough). For those of you that missed my blog on shorts weather and the gym, I’ve got a couple of requirements. Knee-length is the minimum for men’s shorts and no tidy whities (or any other color of tidy). A long gray t-shirt finished off Meatloaf’s ensemble.

You are wondering…if Meatloaf doesn’t flip my cookie, who does? Hmm good question. How about a Kevin Costner lookalike? That would work. Honestly I’m not that rediculous…there’s more to it than looks, it’s just that the Meatloaf look alike was a bit extreme for me. You all know a little flutter (or something) that makes you want to take a second look is essential.

When I’m at the gym it’s my goal to get into and stay in the zone so I don’t really take much time to check out the dudes. Yes, there are a couple of guys that I have noticed! And no, I’m not going to do anything about it. 😉

Until tomorrow! Kathi

P.S. no offense to Meatloaf and his fans.