my mind is blank

My mind is blank… When I started blogging (way back when) I made a list of oh…more than 75 subjects to write about. Along the way I’ve added several more to the list. Depending on what’s happening during the week I may look at the list for inspiration or I might just write about something that’s going on with me and my fitbattle.

Tonight…I’m having writers’ block. I got noth’n! I looked at my list, but nothing is flipping my cookie. I started to research lactic acid because I got a (free) facial today from my salon and the gal that did my facial commented on how much lactic acid build up I have in my muscles. When you get a facial they give you a little shoulder and arm massage and you can say I’m just a little tight in the shoulders. She was telling me that a massage would do me good. After I started reading about lactic acid I realized that it was more than I wanted to bite off tonight.

My next thought was to give an update on the physical therapy for my hip. I’ve been for one more session but other than everything still being pretty much the same I’ve got nothing new to report. Well there’s one thing…after my two visits my hip is now hurting during spin class. The guy that worked on me yesterday told me that it’s very likely that my pain and symptoms may change as I go through therapy. Lovely!

I’ve read up a little on fatty acids (omega-3’s and 6’s). I want to better understand their role in a healthy diet and be able to disseminate information about fatty acids in simple terms. I think taking on fatty acid is even more ambitions than lactic acid…so you’ll have to wait to read about my take on fatty acids. It’s going to take a lot more time.

Next I thought maybe I could give my fitness goals some thought. The physical therapist even asked me what my fitness goals are. I reread an article that I found about establishing your fitness goals, but I lost interest really fast.

For tonight’s blog my last-ditch effort is to write about nothing. Which is what this blog is about…nothing.

Physically I feel good except for the hip. I’ve had a good run with my nutrition this week, my workouts have been good too, I’ve got my mojo back, but my mind…it’s blank. I suppose all writers (I know…I’m not like a real writer) have writers block at some point. I suppose now I know how they feel.

I think tomorrow I’ll have to give my list another go. I’m doubt I’ll be ready to take on lactic acid tomorrow…maybe next week.

Until tomorrow! Kathi