am i in the men’s showers?

am i in the men’s showers?

For a moment I thought I was in the wrong locker room…”Am I in the men’s showers?”

Sunday I woke with tons of energy…so I was off to the races. Church at 9:30, then the gym, and then errands. In an effort to save time I decided to shower at the gym.

My workout was good and I did the homework that the physiotherapist assigned to me. I figured since I’m going to continue to cough up the $20 copay for each visit I might was well use the advice they are giving me. After my workout I strolled down to the locker room, gathered my gear for the shower, and there I was taking a deep breath and enjoying a well-deserved hot shower.

All of the sudden I heard a noise. What the…is it a snort? A grunt? What the heck is that? Oh my! (I thought) Am I in the men’s showers? Is it possible that I walked into the men’s locker room and didn’t even notice? There’s no way that noise could be coming from a woman? Could it?

I’m processing all the information, or at least tying to. The noise is distracting. Every time I hear it this sense of fear rushes over me. Oh no! How do I get out of the men’s shower and locker room?

No! Not possible. I know I didn’t walk past a bunch of men and end up in their showers. Even worse…could it be something supernatural? I was an avid X-Files fan…stranger things have happened.

Oh, there it is again. Oh no! I am in the women’s showers. Does she make that sound at home too? Or only in public at the gym? I still have to get out of here! That noise has zapped the relaxation benefits of the misty hot shower out of me.

I dried off as quickly as humanly possible and ran out of the shower area, as if a wild animal was chasing me. I nearly slipped and fell on my ask me no more questions.

Ahh…safe and sound in the locker room! And yes!! It’s the women’s’ locker room. Safely away from that horrible noise. Only now I’m faced with a bunch of new challenges, like the woman who tries to steal my towel, the naked girl who likes to strike up a conversation, and the woman who is using a pumice stone to smooth her dry heals.

It’s a jungle out there (at the gym).

Until tomorrow! Kathi

2 thoughts on “am i in the men’s showers?

  1. Curly Hair Princess


    This is so hilarious! I’ve actually walked into a mens locker room before. At my gym the doors all look the same and the sign for the gender is not on the actual door. So post workout if your brain in drained of all oxygen and blood and you don’t pay attention it is possible to get confused. I got an eye full and I’m scarred for life! LOL!


  2. kkulesza

    Lol…that would definitely be a sight to see…the inside of the men’s locker room. I’m sure the image is burned into your brain. 😉