dear john letter…to my scale!

dear john letter…to my scale!

Dear Scale…

We have had such a meaningful relationship. There are so many times that I can remember when you gave me encouragement and motivation. You are always there. You make me feel welcome. Sometimes you even make me feel lighter.

I see you flutter when we first touch. Then you wink and I know it’s going to be okay. Our relationship has helped me grow and progress. I know you will always be there to bring me balance and a sense of reality. There is so much I am grateful for and I will cherish these memories.

A false enchantment can all too easily last a lifetime. ~W. H. Auden

It brings me great sadness to write this letter to you. I couldn’t bear facing you…I would not have been able to hold back the tears. I need some space and time to think things through. Lately I’ve felt a reluctance to see you and when I do spend time with you the disappointment that lingers below the happiness you and I once had is unbearable. I know this is something I need to work out on my own…it’s not you, it’s me!

I hope you understand. I do not want to hurt you! I just need to take responsibility for my journey and stop relying on you so much. Where I go from here I’m not so sure but I know this next step is important for me.

I’d like to stay friends and check in with you now and then. I care deeply for you. I just need some time to grow as an individual.

Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go.  ~Author Unknown

Best wishes for a lighter load… ♥ Kathi

4 thoughts on “dear john letter…to my scale!

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    Would you mind telling me where you got your theme from? Really easy on the eyes, haha. Regards, Los Gatos Dentist,

    1. kkulesza

      Los Gatos Dentist…

      No problem I got if from WordPress it’s called: “Unsleepable” by Ben Gray

      Thanks for stopping by! Kathi

  2. Elliott Goodwin

    Hilarious! Teresa and I have been working hard to get away from weight and focus more on body composition. Fat mass, muscle mass, etc. We bought a scale through Amazon from a company called Tanita ( It measures a number of other factors.

    1. kkulesza

      Glad you liked it. I read it to Krista and she really didn’t get it. 😉 When I was considering getting a new scale I looked at the tanita scales and it seemed like a great option. KK