today i saw the forrest through the trees

today i saw the forrest through the trees

Today I saw the Forrest through the trees… One of my friends got me into UFC. It’s a good accessory for my new fit lifestyle. I’m not sure why it is but ever since I’ve started working out I luv football and ufc.

There’s something about the rough and tough blows between opponents and I don’t mind the blood. It’s amazing to witness the brute strength of these athletes…both boxer/wrestler and football players. Both sports must require a great deal of training and discipline. These athletes are in amazing shape and endure tremendous amounts of wear and tear to their bodies.

Think about the receivers in football…they run, jump (with no regard for the landing) and then hold on for dear life to the football while they run some more if the catch didn’t result in a crash landing. The great receivers will take several hits as they struggle to gain one or two more yards for the first down. Some will fend off the opponent and take it to the shizzizzle.

UFC fighters learn a variety of disciplines such as jiu-jitsu, aikido, sambo and wrestling. Each fighter has his own strengths and weakness and the opponent strives to expose them. Unlike Football players who have a team to rely on and more time, UFC fighters have 15 to 25 minutes (3 or 5, five-minute rounds) to beat their opponent and it’s all up to them.

So what does this have to do with anything? I saw Forrest Griffin (UFC fighter) at the gym today. Typically he’s with a few other guys but today it appeared he was solo. Forrest climbed onto the stairmaster next to me. The guy to my other side couldn’t keep his eyes off of him.

Seeing Forrest got me thinking about what it takes to win. It’s not just about being in great physical shape, it also requires a great deal of mental strength and fitness. There he was…Forrest (just like a regular guy…cause he is just a regular guy who is a great fighter) getting a cardio workout in next to me. He even made a couple of grunts towards the end of his bout with the stairmaster…like a regular guy (or girl). Who knows…maybe he was grunting in approval of me work’n the stairmaster holding two 10-pound weights.

Overall fitness, both physical and mental, is sometimes overwhelming to think about. It’s challenging to keep your eye on the bigger goal when you sometimes struggle to win one small fitbattle. Yep…some days the challenge is getting to the gym, other days it’s about having the willpower to stay on the cardio machine for that last 10 minutes, and sometimes it’s about simply giving 100%. When facing these small fitbattles it’s tough to see the “Forrest” through the trees.

Forrest Griffin’s fighting style (according to Wikipedia) is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing. Cardio is only one tree of his fitness Forrest. I’m sure Forrest spends a great deal of time each day sharpening his skills in the various disciplines he has mastered. There’s no doubt that he has a bigger plan and I’m sure he takes time to view the Forrest.

We need to do the same. Every so often…maybe every couple of weeks or once a month it’s important for us to pull our heads out of the trees. You know…keep our eyes on the ball. How? Well by tracking our progress…weight, measurements, body fat %, and even an annual physical can offer valuable insights. I for one rely on regular visits to view the Forrest to keep me motivated and sometimes it serves as a kick in the butt.

I think I’ve taken the Forrest analogy as far as I can (yep…maybe a little too far).

Until tomorrow! Kathi