time for measurements… scale, calipers, measuring tape

time for measurements… scale, calipers, measuring tape

Time for measurements… Scale? check! … Calipers? check! … Measuring tape? check!

In case you missed it…a week ago Friday I broke up with my scale. Why? Since hitting my all-time low weight of 134.4 on April 23 I’ve not been able to keep up that weight (or should I say keep down?).

Thursday I weighed in at 135.8. Weighing myself every week has only served to frustrate me…not motivate or energize. I work way too hard on my fitbattle to dwell on the scale and my recent inability to get that damn number back below 135. I’m a glass half full girl so I need to fix this and the best way I could figure to change it was to dump the scale.

From this point forward I’m going to evaluate my progress on overall results. This means that I won’t have weekly results (no more Friday Morning Naked Weight) it will be more like every couple of months.

Yesterday was measurement day and the good news…my measurements from yesterday prove that you can’t put too much weight on the number you see on the scale (pun intended).

A quick reminder…measurements include scale weight, the dreaded Body Fat Calipers (the tool Chris uses to measure my skin/fat folds), and a measuring tape.

My measurement results were very positive. Since the last time we did measurements my weight is the same…dead on. Yep according to the scale…nothing lost, nothing gained. My Body Fat % is down 1.3%, and my total inches are down 1.0.

Why am I okay with no change in weight? Because the other numbers are all good. This means that I have less body fat so therefore I have more muscle…YAY! All is well in the fitbattle!!!

Later! Kathi