living in the moment got me off track

living in the moment got me off track

Whoa, whoa, whoa… it’s dawned on me that I’m off track!

You’d think that a three-day weekend wouldn’t trip up someone who doesn’t even have a job. Really! Think about it…every weekend is a three, four, five-day weekend for me. So what’s the big deal about an “official” three-day weekend that caused me to get off track?

Maybe an even better question… Does it matter? As long as I get back on the fitbattle program do I really need to dwell on what went wrong? Will I repeat my fitness sins over the 4th of July weekend and Labor Day weekend?

I’m one of those people who prefers not live in the past which means that I do not want to pick apart the weekend to figure out if I can pinpoint exactly when I got off track. I believe in living in the moment. (Ah ha! I’m rereading this now and realizing the source of my problems could very well be that I “live in the moment”.) In the interest of sharing and airing my failings with the world-wide-web I’m gonna look in the past for just a few moments.

Here’s a list of some of my Memorial Day Weekend cheating:

  • I took two (count ’em 2) days off from the gym (Saturday and Sunday). I had every intention of only take one day off but I’ll explain below what went wrong on Sunday.
  • Friday kicked off the weekend with a happy hour. All in all I didn’t do too bad, but I really didn’t need the extra empty calories.
  • Saturday night I didn’t plan well before I headed off to a b-day party so I ended up eating some yummy chicken enchilada (home-made by the birthday girl’s mother and it was soooo good). Plus I had some birthday cake, but if you’ve figured me out by now you know that I always partake in the b-day cake. Oh and rather than sticking with my vodka club I had some sangria. Now any on these things on their own…not so bad. Add them together and I’m way off track. And while I’m confessing, I had a sliver of a chocolate brownie too.
  • Sunday started out good. I set the alarm so I could make it to 9:30 mass before meeting my sister and mom for lunch. I inspected the nutrition book at Panera and ordered the best possible salad. My gym bag was in the truck of my car…ready for action. After ending up at the M pool and having a (20 oz.) mango blackberry mojito there was no way I was gonna make it to the gym that night.
  • Monday…well after a busy weekend I gave in to a Law and Order marathon. (Note…I did make it to the gym on Monday night!)
  • (YES! Now I’m sure…my preference for “living in the moment” results in spontaneity that sometimes leads to me finding myself off track. Hmm???)

Back to living in the moment! Yep there is some value in visiting the past…I just do not want to dwell there. Bottom line it’s the same old basic things that could have kept me on track…better planning and following my own advice “eat veggies and fruit in lieu of processed carbs”, stick with vodka clubs vs. sugary carb filled cocktails, and get exercise in when ever possible since I do not always know what’s gonna happen next. 😉

It’s not the end of the world but I do need to lock and load for a strong fitbattle effort to make up for my three-day weekend.

Until tomorrow! Kathi