i’ve got muscles!

i’ve got muscles!

Say “cheese”… The other day Chris had me strap myself into a machine… Normally we ignore any seat belts and/or straps but since the amount of weight that I was going to “pull” would have otherwise lifted me out of the seat…use your imagination and picture me strapped down to the seat with my palms (and versa gripps) wrapped around the handles over my head¬†being stretched like a rubber band. Very attractive.

And apparently it was picture day (so you do not need your imagination)! If I knew there was going to be a gym photo op I would have taken five minutes to put on some eye shadow and mascara before I left the house. Yes, I do sometimes wear makeup at the gym. No, I don’t put makeup on for the gym but if I already have it on…oh well.

Anyways…there I was adding two inches to my height being stretched by the crazy machine and Chris was like “wow! you should see your muscles”. Since Chris is a man of action (and always has a “plan B”) he quickly overcame the conundrum of me not being able to see my muscles. Yep he whipped out his phone and click…he took a picture.

What’s not to love about your trainer being so impressed with your muscles he feels compelled to record the moment in history? Okay yes he does have a small stake in my muscles (just a year and a half of working on them) and for a moment he was enjoying his (and my) work, like an artist. He even traded out my “mug shot” like picture on his website¬†testimonial page with the new pic. Good stuff!

Yet still I felt silly…you be the judge.

Who knew three years ago when I started out on my fitbattle journey that I’d end up with actual muscles? I luv my muscles!!! It’s especially rewarding when other people notice them. Just the other day a gal interrupted Chris and I to inquire and complement my muscles. It was a bit weird but cool too.

The best thing…if I can have muscles anyone can.

Until tomorrow! Kathi

2 thoughts on “i’ve got muscles!

  1. Dennis Fletcher

    i do spinning class 3 times a week
    cross trainers 45 min every day plus 30 mins abbs
    then 45 min weights which i find is good for general fitness
    and keeps my weight level

    1. kkulesza

      Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for checking out my blog. Sounds like you are dedicated to fitness too. I find that variety helps me keep the weight off too…and it keeps me interested. Kathi