fitflops or fitness flop?

fitflops or fitness flop?

I so hope the fitflops are a fitness flop!

I’m assuming that sales are good for “butt-toning” shoes since they are everywhere! What’s next you wonder? Well with the arrival of summer we have flip-flops that provide a “workout while you walk” (bleep bleep). Give me a break!

What does it say about us (Americans, our society) that shoes and flip-flops that make you fit is apparently a flourishing industry? One website claims: “FitFlop. It’s the flip-flop, with the gym built in.” What’s next fitslips (fitness slippers)? Oh, hey that’s an idea…let’s get a patent on slippers before someone else does! Oh…or how about a pair of shorts that provide a workout while you sit?

The fitbattle requires a lot more than some magic shoes! After all we are not in Oz! You cannot click your heals together three times and voila you are thin, fit, and healthy (with a nice butt). It requires work, dedication, ups and downs, commitment, and commitment again after you slack off. Ugh! The quick fix gimmicks drive me nuts!!! Can you tell?

If spending $130 on a pair of butt-toning shoes or $40-75 on a pair of fitflops will provide enough motivation to get off the sofa and walk…so be it. Some how I doubt that a new pair of shoes will be the “ah ha” that people need to get moving.

Honestly I’m not sure who perplexes me more…the companies that market these quick fixes to us or those of us that buy the products expecting an overnight miracle.

“Fitness – if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body.”  ~Cher

My fitbattle is three years and counting. It’s now a lifestyle. At the same time I’m still that overweight girl who was “happy being fat”. She’s still inside me making excuses and telling me lies. A pair of shoes can’t fix that. It takes sheer willpower! Okay…deap breath…I’m done now…namaste. Have a great weekend!!!

Until monday! Kathi