nephew in tow at the gym… he lived through it

nephew in tow at the gym… he lived through it

I took my nephew to the gym with me tonight and I managed to not injure or kill him. But he did pass out on the sofa at 8:30 pm. 😉

My 14-year-old nephew (Jason) is staying with me tonight because he’s attending a basketball day camp near my house. My sister had asked if I could help her by getting him too and from the day camp since (well) I pretty much don’t have anything else to do. So I said yes.

Anyways, since he’s staying with me I brought him along to the gym tonight. Originally I was going to drag him to spin class but he lucked out because my spin buddy didn’t make it so I decided to give him a break and we stuck to cardio and weight machines.

Jason had a gym membership in the past and he’d go to the gym and do cardio with his dad. They have some equipment at home that he uses to workout with now…but the gym and all the weight machines is like a candy store.

Back to our field trip… We started out with stretching. Jason shared with me that the camp coaches had them stretch before they warmed up at day camp today – gotta love that we are all on the same page about stretching. Then it was onto a quick warm up on the treadmill and I enforced the NO handrails rule. Yes I explained why he should go hands free.

Next we headed to the weight machines. First we did some legs then we moved on to upper body. To finish the weights off I had him do some bicep curls with dumbbells. Finally we did a cool down on the stairmaster and more stretching.

Okay…14 is younger than I remember feeling at that age. Jason is just starting high school this year and wants to have muscles (of course). He plays a lot of sports so he stays very active but he’s wanting some muscle definition. I can’t say I blame him…I love my muscles.

Jason feels limited by the equipment they have at home, but I know that he can do a lot more with little than he realizes. Yes, I agree the gym is cool and offers endless possibilities but no gym is just an excuse. I know this because Chris has me do crazy hard things that need little to no equipment.

My next goal is to pay it forward and share with him some exercises he can do at home. Hopefully it will help him realize that you don’t have to have a gym membership to get a good workout.

Later, Kathi