what came first success or work?

what came first success or work?

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” ~ Coach G (Blazer Basketball Academy at Durango High School)

If you read my blog entry yesterday you know that I’m helping my sister out by taking my nephew to and from basketball camp this week. I’ve arrived a few minutes early to pick him up each day…like a good aunt.

Today I got to see the tail-end of a scrimmage game and the end of day last words by the coaches. Coach G. did the wrap up and he shared the quote above. I asked him about the quote…it’s not really his words he was quoting someone else but I’m attributing it to him. His point…if the kids attending the academy have the goal of beingĀ great basketball players they are going to have to work.

Coach G. connected the dots between theĀ skills they are teaching at the basketball academy and qualities that will make the kids successful in life. One quality he mentioned was coachability. Meaning…listening to the coaches and incorporating their feedback in the game. He then made the point that being coachable will be important off the court too, for example in their (the kids) careers.

Gotta love a basketball coach that takes his role seriously. He’s going above and beyond…he’s not just a coach he’s a mentor.

Now, back to the quote… Muscles, strength, weight loss, a bikini body…do not come in a bottle. Success in fitness is personal. Each of us gets a different mental image when thinking about fitness success. No matter what success looks like it is the result of work (hard work). So like Coach G. (and his mentor/coach before him) said…The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Truthfully…yes sometimes working out does feel like (well) work. This morning it definitely felt like work. I could not find a cardio machine that didn’t feel like work which explains why I kept jumping from one machine to another. It was frustrating. And then, a few hours later, Coach G. touched a nerve and reminded me why I’m working so hard…for fitbattle success!

Until tomorrow! Kathi