more hot or not? gym fashion…

more hot or not? gym fashion…

Hot or Not? Continued with a focus on fashion…

It’s very exciting when you start to lose weight. All the sudden you feel better about yourself. Your clothes fit better and you look better in them. Compared to where you started you look good.

I would like to warn everyone…don’t succumb to the temptation and prematurely reveal of your new body. Have patience! There is a time and place to let the world see what you’ve accomplished.

Trust me! I get it you feel better, probably even great. You look better. The question is “are you ‘HOT’ yet?” Probably not quite hot enough to pull off some of these looks. Give it more time.

The too tight shirt… I’ve seen men and women wear this shirt. It’s like a second skin. No girls I’m not talking about the cute running and yoga tops…so relax. I’m talking about the, sometimes long-sleeved (which makes the offense even worse), shirts that fit like a second skin. You know the ones that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination and how the heck do you get out of that thing? Scissors?

Only a small percentage of the gym population can pull this look off. In most cases this look is “NOT” hot. If you are ripped and I’m talking with a six or eight pack and 15% body fat…go for it.

Bare Belly… If your belly looks like a muffin top (although a much smaller muffin top) don’t flaunt it! You’d look much more attractive with it put away. Yes men…you too! That t-shirt with the armholes cut out that function as windows and reveal way too much mid-section is “NOT” hot if you have a muffin top or beer belly.

Gals give it a little more time before you mimic those 20-something girls on the treadmill that wear a sports bra (only) and shorts or sweats. You’ve accomplished a lot…be patient the time will come to bare your middle. With that said…go for it at the pool or beach…you deserve it.

Too tight shorts… Sorry guys this is one of those double standards. It’s okay for gals to wear form-fitting shorts (most of the time) but it’s “NOT” so hot of a look on guys. Let me paint a picture for you…I saw a rather short thin guy at the gym wearing tight purple biking shorts (well everyone saw him) and yep we (anyone in the general vicinity) couldn’t take our eyes from him no matter how hard we tried to look away.

Sadly if we did manage to look away for a moment all you saw was a bunch of people staring at the guy with big grins on their faces and nodding back and forth as if they were all answering “no” to the same question. None of us could believe our eyes. Did I mention that his shirt was short enough that all you could see were skinny purple legs and his manhood? He looked redonkulous and definitely “NOT” hot.

Yes he was the extreme but I’ve gotta say I haven’t seen a guy yet in tight shorts that has looked hot. I get it…these shorts serve a purpose and I believe they also have a time and place.  That time and place is outside biking or running not at the gym. I’m willing to bet that they even look “Hot” outside.

I just realized that today was a little one-sided…all “NOT” hot looks…well at least in my opinion. Don’t worry I’ve got some fashion choices listed in the “HOT” category. You’ll just have to check my blog tomorrow to see what I come up with.

Until tomorrow! Kathi