butt crack sweat… hot or not?

butt crack sweat… hot or not?

Hot or Not? Focus on fashion continued…

A gray area…butt crack sweat… Gray is an interesting color choice for the gym. Compared to black, white, and most other solid colors it exposes your sweat equity. I suppose the only thing worse than a lot of sweat is no sweat at all. If you aren’t sweating what the heck are you doing at the gym?

The conundrum? Forget gray shirts, I’m talking about gray sweat pants. Butt crack sweat “HOT” or “NOT”? Are there other factors to consider? Like… Who the butt crack belongs to? The size and shape of the butt? How much butt crack sweat we are talking about? All other things being equal is it “HOT” or “NOT” on both men and women?

Chris (yes, my personal trainer) thinks butt crack sweat can definitely be “HOT”. I’m not so sure. This raises an interesting question…is this a guy/girl thing? Or are there girls out there that agree that butt crack sweat given the right circumstances is attractive?

Let me be clear Chris did stipulate that in order for butt crack sweat to be “HOT” it has to be on the right girl and be the right amount of sweat. He’s right about a lot of things…so maybe he’s right about this too. Let’s be honest he’s a guy and us girls don’t really understand men even if we think we do.

Since Chris and I talked about gray and butt crack sweat, last Friday, I’ve spent way too much time looking at butts. You’d be surprised how many people wear gray sweats to the gym. The color tan is also pretty revealing but not as common. I have a pair of dark gray sweats and now I’m afraid to wear them to the gym, so I won’t


Until tomorrow! Kathi

One thought on “butt crack sweat… hot or not?

  1. Curly Hair Princess

    You are so right! It definitely is not hot in my book. Unfortunately I bought a couple of grey bottoms before I realized that part of your body can sweat profusely so now I leave them to wear for Yoga and Pilates class.